The New E3, is the 'New E3'

Following on from Leipzig, this Gameplayer article explores the current conjecture about which big yearly event will fill the void of E3, and wonders why people are dismissing the Los Angeles event itself.

"You see, E3 is a brand and it has a lot of selling power. The causal market buys into it, every gaming region and demographic is represented at it, advertisers rally around it and, most importantly of all, the mainstream press are all over it."

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SlappingOysters4128d ago

For those who were wondering, this is not a duplicate story. It is an opinion piece on a topical subject that has been talked about, with differing verdicts, by other sites.

Yuprules4127d ago

I agree, Games Convention is "the new E3".

SlappingOysters4127d ago

that disagrees. i swear 90% of the comments on this site are from people who don't read the articles they're commenting on.