Andriasang: Time Travelers Images

First look at Level-5 and Jiro Ishii's new 3DS project. (Total 7 images)

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SpoonyRedMage2827d ago

and they said the screens are real time... noice!

wwm0nkey2827d ago

This is just the start of the 3DS life cycle too picture what later Level 5 games will look like :D

SpoonyRedMage2827d ago

Can't wait for Dragon Quest XI.;)

Cloudberry2827d ago

That's cool.

The graphics are also great.

wwm0nkey2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

This is also in-game

Before you say its not, just know that Level 5 can do AMAZING 2D backgrounds, the only 3D models are the girl and clock tower.

panasonic232827d ago

PSP2 is already dead sony is fvck

SeraphimBlade2827d ago

Well, what the hell did Andria sing?

AWBrawler2826d ago

I just now heard of it! looks like my type of game