Turn Your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a Remote Control for the PlayStation 3

While adding a remote control to Sony's PS3 gaming console is not exactly a very difficult task, by all accounts, things do get a bit more difficult when one wants to use one of the iDevices as a remote, but it seems that there's a half-DIY solution available out there that will do exactly that.

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Call_me_Ishmael2679d ago

ummm,i have dualshock 3 no thanks

LoVeRSaMa2679d ago

Id love a native iPhone Bluetooth remote, been searching for someone to make one for a while now, just to navigate the XMB, no hardcore gaming or anything ^___^

D4RkNIKON2679d ago

Yeah you can use it as a remote for Netflix!

LoVeRSaMa2679d ago

Web browsing and using as a keyboard would be awesome too :D

Steve_02679d ago

Could they not have used bluetooth rather than IR? I suppose it's the bluetooth drivers for Sony's controllers that haven't been emulated yet... something that could probably be done with a hacked ps3 though.

36T2679d ago

That's pretty cool!

seann2679d ago

you know. i would of done this with my iphone 4. but i cant, why? its SOLD OUT everywhere. for fucks sake, i been waiting so damn long. i cant take it, i dont wanna settle for a blackberry, or a galaxy. but it seems like i have to.

chadneil1234567892679d ago

I was in the same situation but I got the samsung vibrant nd am happy I did android is tha future. Its more open source than the ipod. U can also add memory to it nd stuff like that. Get a galaxy phone dude

Dave13512679d ago

99$ are you serious? i could buy ps move for that!

JJFNIGHTS802679d ago

I DON'T LIKE THE CRAPPY IPHONE. Why would I wanna do that to my PS3 for?

bananlol2679d ago

whats crappy about it? i own a 3gs and im pretty satesfied. The battery life could be better, and support for more flash codecs. But calling it crappy? you could do way worse buddy.

rwarner1742679d ago

Ha ha ha, I have been doing that on my Driod for free for months!