Raw DLC: Medal of Honor review

Raw DLC: We take a look at the reboot of the Medal of Honor series with some mixed results.

"Having suffered through the initial disappointment of the uber-lacklustre Medal of Honor closed beta, being impressed by the resurgence of a better-polished open beta experience, my expectations for the single-player portion of the game were still rather high. Couple this with the fact that Dave absolutely loved his experience with the game and also that I’d played a fairly impressive first level of the game on Xbox 360, and I was really looking forward to being awed by this reboot to the Medal of Honor franchise."

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Christopher2833d ago

*high pitched whistle*

I've noticed a lot of sites are now being overly harsh in their games. Typically these low scores are for games with pretty major flaws and bugs that make gameplay not enjoyable.

NachosWithCheese2833d ago

I've noticed a lot of websites being overly lenient on this game, despite the mentioning of the same bugs.