El33t Question of the Week: What do you think about NPD’s new reporting structure?

El33tonline writes:

"The console wars have long been fought and fuelled by the passion and indignant rage of millions of gamers around the world, all arguing, taunting and braying on message boards and in comments sections about which console is ‘better’ and which hardware manufacturer cares for its fans the most.

Every time these rabid console admirers try to bring hard, conclusive evidence to the table in order to convince others of their delusions, however, they come up empty.

Just because one console can claim 10 exclusive titles over the other doesn’t make it better than the rest. Just because a particular hardware manufacturer has a larger install-base doesn’t make a console better. And even though one piece of hardware has more gigaflops of transistor radio gizmo gadgetry, it doesn’t mean this super-powered beast of a machine is better than any other similar offering. These value judgements are all subjective."

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