CVG: Fallout: New Vegas Review

CVG writes: "Have you played Fallout 3? If so, then you've played Fallout: New Vegas.

The writing is better, there's more to do and a lot has been improved, but the actual minute-to-minute experience of playing it is identical - flaws and all."

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Liamario2775d ago

I think 8 for a reskinned game is the most that this game should be getting.

shotgun_ps32775d ago

The industry is full of reskinned games with amazing scores. There's a whole genre called sports game that have made a fortune off of reskinning the same game year after year with a noticeable upgrade every 3 to 4 years.

Dnied2775d ago

not to mention cod that keeps getting 10's

shotgun_ps32774d ago

Yea but COD gets that much money pumped into it now if it doesn't get perfect scores Bobby smacks you around the face with a fish.

A Cupcake for Gabe2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

Like many including myself, saying time and again., the same issues, bugs, & bad graphics that were overlooked in 2008, aren't getting a free pass now. Even if Fallout 3 was released today it would see the same scores. Too many issues when so many games are getting it right now.

Is that stopping us from getting it? Probably not.

I'm renting FNV since they decided to tell the PS3 gamers FU on DLC. I'll buy the collectors edition next fall.

EDIT: feel free to disagree but atleast give a reason.

Baka-akaB2775d ago (Edited 2775d ago )

agreed , bethesda releases the most buggy games (even if they were far worse back at the time of daggerfall) , no one says anything . Hell they havent released a single dlc pack without launch issues neither

They give Obsidian a task , providing them with the same outdated and buggy engine than FA3 , and now suddenly people discover bugs

kaos_fish II2775d ago

I remember 'Daggerfall' - boy, that game was completely broken right out of the box.. took Bethesda almost 1yr of constant patch releases (this was before the internet) to get the game into a playable form - thankfully, the fans managed to make better patches than Bethesda did.

visualb2775d ago

I'm waiting for the GoTY with all the DLC =)

def excited though! just need to be able to wait =) thats all =D

shotgun_ps32774d ago

They do release very buggy games but there is a reason for it. Bethesda have been trying to push the amount of content you can get in a sandbox environment on a disk to a ridiculous degree. When a game is that big it's impossible to find all the bugs so you just need to weight the positives against the negatives and see if they really ruin the game.

A good example is GTA games (or even just Rockstar games), they are notoriously buggy but it doesn't hurt the game because they are such amazing massive games the bugs don't detract from the actual gameplay, except in San Andreas when a skyscraper would spawn infront of you when you're in a plane, but I always found that hilarious.

Pillville2775d ago

I know this sounds really stupid but, somehow the glitches in the game add to the experience.

You're playing a game about a broken down world, having a broken down game makes it seem like the game itself came from this world.

Philoctetes2775d ago

You're right. That does sound really stupid.

Pillville2775d ago

I know it's stupid, and it's all seems good until your character is stuck in a corner and can't move.
Or something in the script messes up and part of the game is f*cked because for some reason a robot was in the house and killed a main character (Dukov).

Tainted Gene2775d ago


Well said. (a lil' harsh, but well said)

ASSASSYN 36o2775d ago

Your both wrong. It sounds very stupid.

NickX2775d ago

Fallout 3 was GOTY 2008. They took that and built on it, and people are crying about it. This is a poor review. It starts off by saying that if you've played Fallout 3, you've played New Vegas. That is a lie right there. 50 hours of new storyline and hardcore mode = the same game?. I hope they call Black Ops the same game as MW2 and mark it down for using the same engine as WaW and being "the same" as the last game.

Awful review.

Baka-akaB2775d ago

of course they wont as per the press' usual double standards . Still CVG is pretty awful all around anyway

Triggs2775d ago

Agreed. Despite the crashes in Fallout 3, I still wanted to play the game because it was a deep single player experience. I purposely delayed completing the main quest to check out the wasteland to see if I missed an area for more sidequests (I shouldn't have chosen that perk that reveals every marked location on the map ) . When the main game finished, I wanted more. Broken Steel and Point Lookout expanded on the adventure but were too short. FNV will really serve the need for new quests. It's also fun to level up from the very beginning. I I'm just starting my workday and all I think about is heading to Best Buy later after work. :-D

GodsHand2775d ago

LOL, I will be doing the same after work. The thing about Fallout 3 for me was even though it was the same story, you could change events, by staring a new game, and experience new events through out the waste land.

2775d ago
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