A Tale of two F.E.A.R.s: Vivendi's Or Monolith's?

Once upon a time there was a game called F.E.A.R., and even though it was a vastly unnecessary acronym, it was widely lauded as an excellent provenor of intuitive AI and slo-mo instances of glorious ultra-violence.

Since then, however, the good ship Alma has sailed through choppy waters. Developers Monolith were taken over by Warner Brothers yet remained rather attached to their creation, while erstwhile publishers Vivendi had pumped a lot of time and money into creating a new F.E.A.R. franchise that had suddenly begun to circle the drain.

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MK_Red3953d ago

It would be really stupid to have:
1. One game named FEAR 2 but without Alma and known characters and a totally different universe and story.
2. Another game with a totally new and non-FEAR related name yet starring Alma and happening in the same universe, following the story of FEAR1.

xhi43953d ago

Agreed! lol i was just reading it n going wtf. Imagine that, consumers would be so confused. One of em should just...give up lol

MK_Red3953d ago

I bet marketing department of both studios is already having nightmares and are praying that other team's game is either canceled or is dramaticly different.

MACHone3953d ago

Has everyone heard what the potential new names for F.E.A.R. are? They're 'Dead Echo,' 'Project Origin,' and 'Dark Signal.' I mostly agree with MK_Red on this one, but I think Project Origin would be a passable name.

synetic3953d ago

i like Project Origin name ... Bobble for that

Percy3953d ago

Sorry this is so off topic but that picture with this article i was wondering where you got it. I really like it and want to use it as wallpaper but would need a much higher res as you are probably aware.

PS360PCROCKS3953d ago

Fear would be a cool movie actually...but yeah MK_RED totally agree it's too confusing.

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