Uematsu, Amano Travel Time with Level-5 (plus new trailer)

"Though he’s over 50, popular game music composer Nobuo Uematsu says his work on Level-5′s upcoming 3DS project Time Travelers has been like a personal revolution for him. He’s found more joy working on this project than most in recent momory. A trailer taken from Level-5′s 'Vision 2010' conference is below." -RPG Land

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qface642893d ago

that trailer just made me even more confused

imoutofthecontest2893d ago

At least it has pretty music!

kevco332893d ago


Maybe that's the idea!

Cloudberry2893d ago

"This game also features the artwork of Yoshitaka Amano, who, like Uematsu, has done extensive work on the Final Fantasy series."


I knew it.

Like I've said before, Level-5 is like the old Squaresoft.

A great game company, in my opinion.

Now they just have to make their own "Hironobu Sakaguchi" somewhere in the company, lol.

imoutofthecontest2893d ago

I was just thinking that, haha. I was thinking "Man, it'd be like the old Holy Trinity if The Gooch was on board...."

postofficebuddy2893d ago

Ah geez, now I'm getting all nostalgic. I think I'll go load up Final Fantasy VII.

n4f2893d ago

i just thinking the same exact thing!! i hope sakaguchi is thinking likewise

knifefight2893d ago

Jumping from high places in trailers is the new cool.

-Gespenst-2893d ago

This has given me a real reason to get a 3DS.

Swiftfox2893d ago

Apparently the train's last stop was Twilight Town.

I enjoy games developed by Level-5. I sometimes now wish that Level-5 had the resourses of Square Enix without the managment.

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