Final Fantasy Versus XIII: Would Xbox 360 Release Hurt PS3 Users?

Product-Reviews writes: After the exclusivity saga involving Final Fantasy XIII, gamers shouldn’t be too suprised to hear fresh rumors that Final Fantasy Versus XIII will be appearing on the Xbox 360, despite initial perception that it would be a PS3 exclusive.

Square-Enix console exclusives used to mean a lot more special a few years ago, but not now since they have opened their arms to multiplatform. Because of this, you have to wonder if Square-Enix has lost a fair portion of their once-die hard fan base.

As a PS3 owner, would you be upset if the game came to Xbox 360, or have you stopped caring after FFXIII?

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KratosGirI2897d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth.

MURKERR2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

final fantasy is not what it used to be,mass effect and demon souls are a much better franchise now.

Kimbo Slice2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

ruined what was a great franchise

ConanOBrien2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )


Both real and phantom cry babies are included, but not limited to.

Lolz. N4G should switch the 'Disagree' button to 'Hurt' ..or 'Butthurt'

Chaos692897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

This guy is going to be pissed.

Eamon2897d ago

it would offend ps3 fanboys.

Personally, I don't care about it's exclusivity as long as Versus doesn't get delayed till like 2030 or whatever.

I doubt we'll be seeing Versus in US/Europe till 2012 and Japan will probably get it by the end of next year.

evrfighter2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

most of the ps3 fanboys have wayyyy to much hope of versus being a good game.

I feel bad for you.

I guess I'll say it now so that later on I can post up the "I told you so" clips. But save your money on this title. they've released nothing but crap this gen.

darthawesome902897d ago

We the fans are scared of FF Versus sucking but have hope because of Nomura. The creator of Kingdom Hearts with the staff that created FFVII gives us hope that the battle system and story will be good! Also the setting is different and the characters are far more mature than FFXIII. Anyways just by watching the CGI it's obvious that there will be a lot more interaction with NPC's and a far more interesting story.

Even if it still sucks it's kind of hard to suck more than FXIII (I could be wrong though, I didn't think anything could be worse than XII)

Genesis52897d ago

Wouldn't hurt the users but it would hurt the game.

Immortal3212897d ago

that game is addicting yet frustrating. I need a sequel or another game like it.

AAACE52896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

A few weeks ago I saw some fanboys making comments saying nothing good comes out of SE anymore! I wanted to send a sarcastic comment considering that some of them were the ones saying how great Versus was going to be, just to point out their ignorance, but was in a place where I couldn't make a comment!

In the end it's just a game and it will be whatever it's meant to be!

Story time!!!

I had a friend, who stole a girl from his friend and laughed about it! Sometime after that, his brother stole that girl from him and he was pissed off about it!

Nintendo had FF first, Sony took it, and now it is also with MS! All of them are getting a piece of the action! SE is like that really good looking girl that everyone wants a piece of. Nintendo and MS fans see her as someone to have fun with(f**k)! Sony fanboys are mad because they saw her as someone to marry!

Sony3602896d ago

Anyone who thinks the game going multi-platform is what ruined it is retarded.

No, it wouldn't.

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GWAVE2897d ago ShowReplies(14)
Zir02897d ago

Indeed, there would be a lot of bruised egos from the PS3 fanboys.

Makidian2897d ago

I don't think it would be now since it already happened most expect it to happen again, so they may be pissed but only the most vocal will take to the internet and bitch about it.

vsr2896d ago

and hurts the game itself by content cutting

XRider2897d ago

Get ready for another petition

DigitalAnalog2897d ago

A. Nomura drops the project <--- same thing happened to FFXIII
B. A 25GB+ content reduced to a mere 14 - 15GB (enough for 3 DVD's)

-End statement

40cal2897d ago

I think I would be bad for the PS3 version of the game just like FFXIII took a huge hit when it went multi plat.

PS360fanboy2897d ago

Couldn't agree more with you. Releasing on both platforms will only benefit the game. Trying to make dumb people understand that will be the hardest part...

Anderson82897d ago

releasing on both consoles will benefit sales not the game.. there's a difference

KonigXero2896d ago

It's official. SquareEnix currently consists of money-hungry wh0res.

What the hell happened to the quality FF games, man?!?!

King-Leonidas2897d ago

Meh, i dont have any high hopes for any FF game.

zeddy2897d ago

no but it would hurt the final product. they would have to match the ps3 version to the 360.

Dice012897d ago Show
bustamove2897d ago

Who are you fooling? Really? If this game remained exclusive, Square wouldn't have taken that content out.

erathaol2897d ago

Didn't think need to cut down Rage because of the Xbox 360 disc space issue? That was open world too.

rymanb2897d ago

Would it? Look how disappointing FFXIII turned out to be - after Squenix said about haing to cut a load of content from the game ... hmmm.... I wonder.

chaos-lockheart2897d ago

i think other, i think it will hurt Enix, another sucky game

ico922897d ago

not really i've lost allot of respect for Square Enix in recent years whether Vrs 13 stays or leaves doesn't affect me in anyway

Gam3s4lif32897d ago

Meh i wont prob will be a disappointment like the FF's (after 13)....

shoddy2897d ago

It'll be suck if it's subHD and multi disk.

TROLL EATER2896d ago

no. just the sad ps3 fanboys. dey probably would commit suicide

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Skyreno2897d ago

well if is not worldwide!! FU Square let it be ps3 exclusive only so i can have game fast

Gam3s4lif32896d ago

k hav a game exclusive to ps3 i wont care, it will prob be crap anyway...if it is multiplat i still wont get it...

Tried out FF13 cos i hired it is shit

FrigidDARKNESS2897d ago

nope....the game will be awesome on both consoles.

FiftyFourPointTwo2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

FFXIII says hi. No need for me to elaborate.

@below: He says its awesome on both consoles. Really? The other one has inferior graphics. Jaggies anyone? Stop playing dumb KratosGirl.

KratosGirI2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

It sucked because it went multiplat?

What if it was exactly the same even if it was exclusive?

EDIT: Have you ever stopped to think for a minute that there are people in the world who don't give a flying duck if a game doesn't perform as good as another platform?

Blaster_Master2897d ago

"What if it was exactly the same even if it was exclusive? "

I see that your a little slow so ill break it down for you. FF13 was exclusive to the ps3 at first, it had extra content, towns, places to wander off and explore, more story, it was almost a real FF. But then Microsoft gave Squeenix a fat check, so Squeenix had to fit the game on several disc, which after 3 disc Squeenix has to pay royalties for, so instead of making the game like 8 disc, they had to cut out most of the game just to put it on the xbox platform. How do I know this you might ask? Its cause Squeenix themselves said they cut out so much content that they had enough to make a whole other game with. It came straight from the horses mouth.

Homicide2897d ago

^Do you have a link to prove all that? That towns existed, and etc?

maniacmayhem2897d ago

Interesting...but no where does it say it was because of the 360.

Stuff gets cut out of games all the time. Anyone who works in production knows this.

ThanatosDMC2897d ago

Dunno, i was just replying about the town existing. I wonder how the zoo ever looked like... I bet we could have capture monsters and put them on cages.

Blaster_Master2897d ago

Thanks ThanatosDMC. But as you can see, these noobs are so much in denial that the facts are right in front of their face, and still they wont face the truth. There is no helping these people if they don't wanna help themselves, but for you , here's a + bubz for you buddy. Its good to see there are some people with a good head on their shoulders. For the rest of you, I wonder how far in life you guys can actually make it before your own realities come crashing down around u?

Eamon2897d ago

While it doesn't explicitly say that huge content was cut because of DVD9 it does heavily hint it.

Regardless, I doubt the content reductions have anything to do with it's bad gameplay. I think the gameplay was always destined to be mediocre.

Although, the removals of towns etc could have been due to DVD9.

maniacmayhem2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Wow, you are in supreme Sony denial. Were you there when MS cut SE the check or is this your own fanboy delusion. I'm guessing delusion.

The reality of it is that FF didn't have time to include the features it wanted, stuff needed to be cut. They were working on this game for far more the projected length of time which adds to production cost.

Higher production cost that couldn't be made back in retail. Probably one of the reasons it went to 360.

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Cloudberry2897d ago

Honestly, no.

I'm not upset if it is ended up for the 360 too.

That's because I'm mostly didn't care that much anymore.




Fine by me.

It's just one thing I wanted.........

Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be a great game & worth to wait.

Hear that Square-Enix? /: (

Akagi2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Jesus Christ.


I guess it would. They've been patiently waiting for this game, a proper FF game. Would be a kick in the teeth if it went multiplat.

pedrami912897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

More people get to enjoy it, will unfortunately turn it another FF XIII.

UltimateIdiot9112897d ago

You mean more people get to suffer from it. It was such a pain to play through FFXIII, and I was told it gets better after 40 hours. Complete lie, I stop when I couldn't stand running straight and pointless hunting on Gran Pulse.

The one who are hurt most is not the PS3 users but FF fans. I'm sure a lot of FF fans had it with SE and a lot are on their last few straws. Keep screwing around, and SE won't have a dedicated fanbase to turn too once everything get sour.

Sure, fanboys can toot their horns about ps3 fanboys being hurt, and go around saying "Now everyone can enjoy it, etc." But at the end of the day, no one wins. Everyone lose.

I've long lost faith in SE and FFVs XIII but still hope it can be something to redeem SE. If this game goes multiplat, the chances of me buying this game will significantly be lower. You have to be a fool to think DVD9 has no impact on a game with more of an open world style (it better be open because if it's not, I don't think too many people are happy after FFXIII). Don't even bring FO3 and GTA4 into the discussion about how it's open and can fit onto a single DVD9. Those game looks like vomit and outdated. I expect breathtaking cutscenes and graphic from a FF title, not puke.

Also, that 1 million in sales for the 360 is almost meaningless in the big picture. This is an FF title, and by FF standards, the total sales doesn't even show a big impact. All it shows is that some fans didn't have to buy a new console or are achievement whores. Had the sales shown a 50/50, then it might have said something. It didn't, in an area of 360 dominated players, PS3 outsold the 360 version 3 to 1.

SE, don't think of your fanbase as an abused wife who keeps coming back even after you constantly lie and two time everyone. Sooner or later, you won't have anyone by your side.

If SE cares about the long term sustainability of their company along with their reputation, I hope they smarten up and make the right choice.

Eamon2897d ago

Exactly. The people who are hurt the most are most definitely the FF fans who've been playing FF games since the beginning.

When S-E started trying to westernise, the shitstorm began.