Top 10 Broken Games, Round Two

Dealspwn Writes: We’ve already covered our Top 10 Most Broken Games, but judging from your reaction, we overlooked a few key culprits. So, without further ado, we present the Top 10 Most Broken Games, Round Two.

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DelbertGrady2679d ago

Saints Row 2 was glitchy but it was also SO much fun. Can't wait for SR3.

darkcharizard2678d ago

Superman 64 still pwns FFXIV!

tacosRcool2678d ago

Yes it does but doesn't the first gears of war belongs here too

EvilBlackCat2678d ago

"Ninja Gaiden 2 was riddled with glitches"

wow never happened to me... maybe i was so fast or still fast killing them.

PS360fanboy2678d ago

Surprised not to see Fallout 3 in there, thought that game was synonimous with glitches. Still more enjoyable than 90% of the games out there.

Danniel12678d ago

I think fallout 3 was in the first article

gamer81792678d ago

I actually liked most of the games on that list.

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