Level-5 shares Time Travelers platform, first details, screenshots, art revealed

Level-5 just confirmed which platform Time Travelers is for and released the first trailer as well as images.

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boogeyman9992898d ago

Dayam Level 5 putting a lot of stuff on 3DS.

qface642898d ago

well the DS is a really big money maker for them so they are trying to follow that up on 3DS

i dunno what to say about this game though ill wait until i see the game for myself

Cloudberry2898d ago

Level 5 is like the old Squaresoft.

A great game company.

Hoping they wouldn't outsourcing / westernize their games, ever... >___>

TOO PAWNED2898d ago

Of course 3ds, did you expect them to make it for PSP or PSP2? They already have 5 games in work for 3ds, i know what system i am getting. PSP2 is already done.

UltimateIdiot9112898d ago

I wouldn't count the PSP2 out yet as none of us know anything about it.

But I definitely know I will be owning a 3DS. MGS, Layton, and a Phoenix Wright x Layton. What's not to love?

thief2898d ago

Which is why the wii and 360 are also done for - less exclusives combined than the PSP or PS3

mastiffchild2898d ago

PSP2 will have that second analogue and probably the best of the PS2 library available on PSN, no? With those two things and nothing else I'd give it a little bit more of a chance than you seem to want to. We don't know yet what it's going to have but DO know devs have had it for a while and are impressed with it-so who knows? No one gave the Wii a prayer, did they? Chickens? Don't count 'em too early.

Also, the PSP gets so much stick but for a console, and the first from Sony in the handheld arena, 60million sales is pretty good. Maybe they can both avoid immediate piracy this time round too. As long as PSP2 is profitable isn't it good for Sony anyway? Doesn't HAVE to outsell 3DS at all to do that necessarily.

Baka-akaB2898d ago

ah silly common stances as usual . What's the harm in owning both ? The psp had loads of killer apps , and most of us dont have any shareholders stocks to be particuarly affected by how well each sells in concurrence with each other

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Lord_Doggington2898d ago

Kinda looks like The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, one of my favorite animes.

Different director, though. Hope their related...

sealion882898d ago

Level 5 adds more reason why people should get 3DS. But 250 is still a lot