Kinect to hit 400 million cans of Pepsi and 60 million cereal boxes

It has been revealed that MS is not just partnering with Burger King for the launch of Kinect. Microsoft's motion sensing peripheral will be gracing around 400 million cans of Pepsi as well as over 60 million cereal boxes from Kellog's.

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Cloudberry2895d ago

Another round of Coca-Cola vs Pepsi.

KratosGirI2895d ago

Screw both of em.

Dr Pepper FTW!

BrianG2895d ago

Agreed, I used to drink Pepsi all the time but Dr Pepper just tastes better.

visualb2895d ago

dr.pepper teh best


screw all soda's...that carbonated sh!t just doesn't suit me anymore =/ it messes up my body, just ain't good for you

toaster2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

What the.. my mind is so full of fuck right now. MS is partnering with... BURGER KING? And PEPSI??? For the launch of Kinect, which the games lineup consists of 50% fitness games.

Oh sweet, sweet irony..

Lucreto2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

US Dr Pepper > UK Dr Pepper

One is a fruit drink the other is iced tea. I think but they taste completely different.

thor2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

UK Dr Pepper is owned by Coca-cola and is the same old crap...

US Dr Pepper is a seperate company to Coca-cola and Pepsi

pxpxp2895d ago

dont you get it? They partner up with BK and pepsi so people get fat, then in their time of depression they look down and they see an ad for kinect. They get their hopes up, buy the product, and get all those fitness games, and get bored after a day or two and go back to BK. The cycle continues, while the companies profit.

Its all good business.

bananlol2894d ago

i like the swedish dr pepper, ti taste like coca cola and vanilla icecream mixed in a good way, mix it in a bad way and you get vanilla coke.

Lou-Cipher2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I hate DP, Im defintetly a Pepsi & Coke guy.

I cant believe Microsoft is spending over half a Billion dollars on advertising Kinect. It is the ultimate slap in the face to their current core user.

That much money could produce 20-30 AAA games, and they spend all that money on the very people that dont even own their console. (The Wii crowd)

Hey Microsoft, we want you to spend money on core games, not on brainwashing tactics. Show us some great products, not a bunch of deceiving advertisments.

EvilBlackCat2894d ago

"Agreed, I used to drink Pepsi all the time but Dr Pepper just tastes better."

Lets pretend that the title above is this "Kinect to hit 400 million cans of Dr.Pepper and 60 million cereal boxes"

now... Do you still like Pepper?

rockleex2894d ago

That's $460 million right there.

A possibility.

nycredude2894d ago

Diet Dr. Pepper for me!

BrianG2894d ago

@ evilblackcat

Yes, still like Dr. Pepper haha

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Anton Chigurh2895d ago

Club soda is for the real men. lol

2895d ago
Blaze9292895d ago

they weren't kidding when they said they are launching this like a new console cycle. hell yeah

gamingdroid2895d ago

The serious marketing dollars behind the product and the launch partners sure makes you feel the product will be properly supported. With that kind of money, they aren't just going to abandon it.

MS was serious when they said it's like a launch of a new console.

Biggest2895d ago

They won't abandon the Kinect. They're abandoning the customers that made XBox relevant.

kerrak2894d ago

We used to have "good luck playing sales". Now i must say "good luck playing marketing campaigns".

Christopher2895d ago

I wonder if this is just being shown on the cans or if there are going to be prizes for specially marked cans/boxes/etc.?

Also, where the heck is Sony with the Coca-Cola advertising/contest deal? I would have started that already to beat out Kinect rather than it looking like they will be hitting the streets at the same time.

Sony, you're going to get wiped all over the floor with this sort of advertising management. I know it's hard dealing with a company that literally has money laying all over the place to use for marketing, but that doesn't mean you don't try your hardest anyway.

XxSolid SnakexX2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

MS is actually really smart if you think about it they are advertising on things that are not healthy at all and those same people might be a little overweight and insecure with their weight and they will look at kinect and see all the fitness games and will most likely get it for smart on m$ part. Actually pure genius.

lowcarb2895d ago

Kinect reminds me of transformers the movie. Before it was out (transformers part 1)nobody other than hardcore fans could tell you anything about it. This device will be on the minds of everyone by Christmas.

xAlmostPro2895d ago

all this money into markting kinect.. why not just put this money into making it work better or so that you didnt have to remove things that 'costed' to much.. -_-

PS360fanboy2894d ago

Isn't Microsoft overadvertising Kinect?

rezzah2894d ago

They are just trying their hardes not to fail woth it in sales, I guess even if that means there profit cancels out with the money spent into advertising.

I think they may be putting more into this than what they did for Halo 3. Thing is I doubt itd get the same results.

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FCOLitsjustagame2895d ago

Coca-Cola is better. Boycott Kinect!!!!

joking (well except the coke is better part).

QSPR2894d ago

Coke + Bacardi(cuba libre)FTW!!!!

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