Red Faction: Battlegrounds beta issued first on the PSN Network 10/19/2010

So,'s podcast co-host Caleb "Soleb7891" Gayle was greeted with a PSNPlus message that he thought was a spam message this morning. As he opened the message it had an attachment that led him directly to the PSN download section. The game that was attached in the message was Red Faction: Battleground which is a action based game screen setting, Soleb7891 also went on to mention that the game is set kind of similar to the GTA series. "Thought it was a strategy, but it's fully action based". The modes are Survival, Team deathwatch, deathwatch, and one of the others is training mode, local, online but no story mode.

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knowledge4lfe2897d ago

i got this over a week ago. the day the ac:bh beta went live. i haven't tried it out yet though.

Call_me_Ishmael2897d ago

whoa,ps3 might not have any good releases at the moment
but betas are overflowing and thats why i love my ps3
(i have and xbox 360 too,so no trollin chewbacca fanboys)