Gran Turismo 5 drops below 60fps - Kaz 'begs forgiveness'

Polyphony Digital boss Kaz Yamauchi has admitted that Gran Turismo 5 occasionally dips below a 60FPS frame-rate - but said that his studio is "working towards perfecting" the game.

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MGRogue20172799d ago

.. OMG, It drops slightly below 60FPS at certain times.. OMGAWD!!! It is the end of the world as we know it!! :O

.. Modern Warfare 2 doesn't always stay at 60fps either.. Move along. -.-

Cloudberry2799d ago

"There might be times when you have a certain combination of conditions that come together - especially with the weather effects - [when] the game might briefly drop from 60fps"


I've read before about the frame-rates would drop in rainy races.

But I wonder of what other "certain combination of conditions that come together".........

Danteh2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Kaz Yamauchi is known for his OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) towards perfectionism

I appreciate what he is doing and I'm sure when we finally play GT5 it will be an absolute masterpiece, but if they keep Yamauchi doing things for the game, he will never release it lol

C'mon, nothing can be 100% absolutely perfect, we just want to play it!! :D

Lifendz2799d ago

Funny how the usual people that complain about "butthurt PS3 fanboys" aren't in here stating the same about 360 fanboys. Wonder why...

Anyway, An occasional dip isn't that big of a deal. Kaz, the game will never be perfect. After this long it's time to put it out. Whatever you can't get in GT5 you'll get in GT6. And you can always patch the game.

rlm422799d ago

@Danteh The guy is a nutjob.

ConanOBrien2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

means < 60fps

nevertheless they are "working towards perfecting"

The PS3 just needs more time for perfection.

thor2799d ago

Kaz ought to stop his attitude towards perfection. Perfection =/= taking ages to polish certain aspects of your game, and neglecting other aspects.

We don't care if PD manage to keep the framerate at 60fps if it means no weather or night racing and only 6 cars per track.

I would rather PD just released the game rather than trying to make the game better, but in fact only marginally improving the game whilst greatly increasing the weight of expectation.

gaden_malak2799d ago

"I would rather PD just released the game rather than trying to make the game better"

You'd rather a game be released rather than it being as close to perfect as possible?

InTheKnow2799d ago

There's no such thing as doesn't exist. Having said that, trying to maintain 60fps in this type of game is all anyone can ask.

I just hope this isn't the start of excuses. On other forums around the net the rumor is the delay is in part to the complaints that Sony and Poly have received from those who have reviewed the game. Release the game and let the gaming public have chance to play it and see for themselves. Telling everyone the problems is not a good idea UNLESS they stand out like a sore thumb like 60fps that drops to 10-15 fps...that will be hard to ignore or forgive.

thor2799d ago

Read the second part of that sentence. They are NOT making the game significantly better through the successive delays. They are only increasing the weight of expectation - for every month spent on the game to make it 1% better, people expect it to be 2% better and it's not.

I would rather they released the game rather than taking another few months to make it only 1% better. "It's been delayed so often, what's the harm in another couple of months?" This is the gambler's attitude and he ends up bankrupt. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses.

By your reasoning, you would rather they spent forever on the game because a game can ALWAYS be improved in some way. This is stupid - and in reality, a game will improve FASTER if they actually release a game, get critical feedback, and then put that feedback into the development process for the next game.

sikbeta2799d ago

I want the GAME NOW!!!!


GT5 FTW!!!

*waiting with the money in my hands*

rockleex2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Hitting each other with all the physics and damage calculations going on

as night shifts into day or vice versa

while rain rain particles are pouring and splashing all over each and every car and the windshield effects

with the reflections and lighting on each of the 16 cars depending on day/night, weather conditions, the cars around it, the surrounding environments

going through the Nurburgring at speeds over 200 mph

in 720p 3D or 1090p non-3D

OBVIOUSLY the framerate is going to drop.

Again, even COD doesn't stay at 60fps. And its a sub HD game with no shader or post processing effects, with 2D sprites for smoke and lights.

DatNJDom812799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

I see it now. GT5 scores:

IGN: 8.3 (we waited too long and theres no excuse for framerate drops)
Gamestop: 8 (UMMMMMMM, too much variety for a racer)
edge: 3 (PS3 exclusive, drops in framerate interrupts my night driving in the foggy rain. The tires seem to hydroplane in the water. Doesnt happen in real life.)

I'm too tired to even try the rest. A slight framerate drop doesnt mean shit if the game is great, which I know Gran Tourismo 5 will be. It will get hated on of course but when your on top, it comes with the territory.

Look on the bright side. I doubt this wont have jet packed cars.

InnovatedMind2799d ago

BEST POST EVER!!!! Have a bubble! That literally made my day!

2799d ago
darthawesome902799d ago

I thought the human eye could only see 24 frames per second so why is 60 frames per second such a big deal?

thor2799d ago

The human eye can see a LOT more than 24fps. In fact there isn't really an upper limit because the eye doesn't work in terms of frames. 60fps looks a lot smoother than 30fps. Especially in games without motion blur. It would be possible to distinguish even higher framerates as well.

darthawesome902799d ago

I just did some reading and you are right. The human eye can see around 70+ fps but the brain will only notice 25-30fps and anything below will seem choppy. When it comes to a tv or computer monitor it takes time for the color to fade so a higher fps does matter. Also the human eye fills in gaps with motion blur so the higher the frame rate the less guessing the eye has to do.

zoks3102798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

The combination of rain being kicked up by the car tires, plus the effect of the light from the car headlight hitting that same rain drop, and that same rain drop is mixing with the smoke from the exhaust of 8 cars on the track revving and making life like engine sounds and so on......

hassi942798d ago

"Funny how the usual people that complain about "butthurt PS3 fanboys" aren't in here stating the same about 360 fanboys. Wonder why...

Anyway, An occasional dip isn't that big of a deal. Kaz, the game will never be perfect. After this long it's time to put it out. Whatever you can't get in GT5 you'll get in GT6. And you can always patch the game. "

Maybe 'cause at the time of your comment, not a single negative comment had been made about GT5 or the PS3 (or any other console/group of people).

Don't get so defensive over everything, just ignore the ignorant.

hamood2798d ago

@DatNJDom81: that EDGE review is probably going to be identical to what you said

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MikeMichaels2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

It's amazing how humble he is, all things considered.

...and believe the quote from him regarding any dips below 60 were pertaining to a full start grid of 16, in the rain, splashing water all over etc.

I'm willing to let it slide for those reasons.

FighterJoe2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Yep thats correct, the statement was made at TGS over a month ago (yeah so it's old traffic hunting news) and Kaz said when you have 15 other cars in the rain at a grid start when water sprays it may dip below 60fps briefly and he apologizes.

seann2799d ago

you forgiven my angel.

SaiyanFury2798d ago

Agreed, I as much as I'm anticipating the game, I also know the man is humble and Japanese. They typically seek absolute perfection in everything in life. He wants to make his baby as flawless as possible before delivering. It's typical Japanese business as usual if you know anything about their mindset. I say he take all the time he needs until he's satisfied. That would be the honourable response. :)

Rainstorm812799d ago

I want the game now...... im sure it will be the holy grail of racing games but can we finally get the game please.

For all these guys hard work i hope the game is universally loved ( of course there will be haters) Many people say there is no such thing as a perfect game but it wont be for lack of trying on Polyphony Digitals part.

kasasensei2799d ago ShowReplies(2)
MmaFanQc2799d ago

who said GT5 was supposed to be locked at 60fps?

Strikepackage Bravo2799d ago

in fact we were promised 1080p and 120fps, PS3 cant even lock a racer at 60fps. Its funny Forza 3 was locked at a milky smooth 60fps at all times.

King-Leonidas2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

Errr... Forza runs at 720p...

BusterFang2799d ago

LMAO Forza 3 at 60fps? Orly?

Strikepackage Bravo2799d ago

Yes Forza 3 is locked at 60fps, what rock have you been under, amazing how you guys always rip Forza and you dont even know anything about it, never even played it!

Dee_912799d ago

1. Forza doesn't have half the amount of cars GT5 has on the track at once 720 and 60fps is nothing to 1080p 60fps
3.yes it is quite funny that you find it funny to still be comparing a game that came out years ago with the same amount of content as the second just with watered down cockpit view to a game thats not out yet but still has twice as much content than all 3 .. i mean if you really want to compare we can because sonning trolls is amusing to me

sGIBMBR2799d ago Show
Biggest2798d ago

Forza 3 has flying cars. No amount of FPS or p can top a simulation that has flying cars. They are exactly like my stable of flying cars that I totally have in real life, which is what Forza 3 is a simulation of. Flying cars. Seriously.

ChronoJoe2798d ago

Forza 3 isn't locked to 60 FPS, and dips during more intense moments... the same as GT5.

Dee_912798d ago

why are you defending a troll nobody said forza suck but when you try to say its better than gt5 of course people gonna call it out

set the bar to a new low ?
correct me if im wrong but this a gt5 article right ?
nobody mentioned forza but you and dipshit ...

Blaster_Master2798d ago

LOL, who the hell plays forza anymore? Hahahaha!

DeathMetal2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

Does not run at 1080P, only the menus are 1080P, who cares if it's not 60 FPS, it's close and looks incredible. You won't even notice any framerate drops, just enjoy the damn game when it comes out.

Honky Kong2798d ago

who is playing gt5? not you.
will you really play gt5 for more than a week?
Its true the sony fans are shocking, i just dont get how so many people can act the same.
someone need to write a book before this generation ends, then again the ps3 will be around for the next 20 years...

gt5 looks great!

Blaster_Master2798d ago

I will definitely be playing GT5 longer than a week. I've been playing GT3 since launch, and its still my favorite racer. Hey you asked and im just letting ya know. You can exclude me from n4g's wanna be gamer list. I've been gaming since I was in diapers. Watched all the nintendo cartoons growing up. Im not just a gamer at heart, its in my dna. Unlike most of you who just starting gaming this gen. Now back to playing some FF7 on the psn. Good day to you sir.

HDgamer2798d ago

360 fanboys in a ps3 article and yet you two are claiming ps3 fans are the worst. Go back to playing your definite arcade racer along with power rangers in bulky toy marine suits.

No Way2798d ago

Are you still in diapers? Cause you sure still acting childish.

Good day to you sir.

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DigitalAnalog2799d ago

"If you're going from a standing start at No.16 and all 15 cars in front of you are kicking up water, there might not be 60fps at that moment."

Wow, put any other console game under that stress and I wonder what happens.

-End statement

Mastodon2798d ago

Other games have more than cars and tracks... They usually have you know other mechanics and whatnot...

MNicholas2799d ago Show
visualb2799d ago

the calamity =P

seriously, so what? I was impressed enough it would remain 60fps, almost skeptical at the absolution of this statement.

this comes as no surprise.

deafwing2799d ago

man, amen to that
who writes this stuff?

PS360fanboy2799d ago

Let's hope it doesn't affect gameply much.

renegade2798d ago

Anything above 20 fps is good so aint going to affect nothing.

nickjkl2799d ago

good thing pcs even under the right conditions at the right level of graphics can hit slightly under 60 fps

like the last level of crysis

EvilBlackCat2799d ago (Edited 2799d ago )

".. OMG, It drops slightly below 60FPS at certain times.. OMGAWD!!! It is the end of the world as we know it!! :O "

well you guys are the ones who make this kind of situations a big issue... BUT hey is ok when this happens on a PS3 exclusive. "OK people move along la la la la la"

"C'mon, nothing can be 100% absolutely perfect, we just want to play it!! :D"


"Perfection takes time" remember? Why then use the word Perfection if its not going to be perfect?


well... Perfection takes time, a few delays and a minimum drop on frame per seconds to create a REAL DRIVING SIMULATOR.

The Real Driving Simulator MY A$$!

xAlmostPro2799d ago

see evilblackcat..

"well you guys".. i'll say it again "you guys".. this is the major flaw when you and other 360/pc/wii fanboys claim sony fanboys are worse, they are only worse because you guys say so..

you've just came in here and started it..

from what i see the majority of ps3 'fans'(dont get me wrong theres extremely childish fanboys batting for all consoles)talk in facts.. and this is the reason when they go to 'your games' and state a fact they are being a fanboy,when they talk about a major issue in a 360 game(that everybody seems to brush off)they are being fanboys, when they support a ps3 game like this that has an extremely MINOR issue being made worse than it is yourself and other fanboys will come in stating things like "oh you guys are this n that when its 360 but not when its ps3" lol..

in my eyes that makes you worse atleast those childish fanboys are straigh up blatant about being a fanboy, your in here slyly being a fanboy trying to take the moral high ground lol..

and if you reply to this, think about what you say first please :) i own a PC, ps3 & 360..

have a nice day

RetroReborn2799d ago

i dont get why you are so angry at a game.

renegade2798d ago

Hey why do you just get a life and stop trolling.

solar2798d ago

EvilBlackCat is right to an extent. i see the ps3 fanboys always bag on the 360 fanboys about the 360, about how great GT5 is going to be compared to Forza, how it will run at a constant 60fps at 1080p.

the fanboys get this idea in their heads planted by the developers themselves who brag about how great their game is going to be (see Kaz here with GT5 and Molyneux with Fable) and fall short of even their expectations.

no game will ever be perfect. not every game will live up to customers' expectations. not every game will live up to the developers' expectations.

i mean werent we promised 4D with our Ps3's?

and we are only getting 3D now?

i mean come on people? stop being idiots and play games. GT5 will be a good game, Forza is a good game, 360 and Ps3 are both good consoles. but dont believe everything Sony/MS/Dev's tell you.

No Way2798d ago

Both sides suck.. let's just leave it at that, eh?

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likedamaster2799d ago


You compare Gt5 to MW? How bout comparing it to Forza?

Both had to make some kind of compromise to meet expectations of 60fps.

tacosRcool2799d ago

Such an unnoticeable drop in fps. Big deal. Even the best computers sometimes dip in fps when running games at high resolutions and the highest settings

Kon_Artist 2798d ago

now this? im canceling my preoder

morkendo232798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

if it drops from 60 fps to whatever just get the freaking game out ALREADY!!! if KAZ crew work on it til PERFECTION shit it might not released til 2011 that would be a bummer. nothing is perfect

KINGKON512798d ago

The thing is that in this Universe dont exist perfection.

nsnsmj2798d ago

This is old news. Like more than a month old news. He said this back at TGS or whatever it was when weather was announced. Nothing can ever be perfect, but I do admire is ambition for perfection. I ready to play some GT5!!

Eamon2798d ago

I saw the title and I knew there'd be an outrage here in the comments.

This is nothing but flamebait. People get angry over the saddest things.

DevastationEve2798d ago

They promised and under-delivered. Even after all this time, you're not gonna get the promised CG-quality. BUT they still expect you to pay $60 for it.

It's gonna wow people, until they realize that they've already had much better racers on both consoles. All they can do is hope that everyone who's been wanting a racing game hasn't already bought one or are so anal about racing that they'd actually buy more than one PLUS GT just because it's GT.

Lyr1c2798d ago

What a sad troll....

Want a hug?

DevastationEve2798d ago (Edited 2798d ago )

double post

SkylineR2798d ago

The game will be great regardless. No game out there would stay at 60fps with a crapload of particle effects going on at once as Kaz said.

avengers19782798d ago

Just release the frickin' game already so we can get on with our lives.
No game ever, on any system, at anytime, has came out just perfect with no problems what so ever.
It's just the way things are.... NO such thing as perfect.