Critical Gamer: SAW II at Eurogamer 2010

Critical Game writes: For a game that relies on atmosphere to ramp up the fear factor, demoing SAW II in a room that’s thick with the sound of gun shots from the various shooters and failing to provide headsets seems a colossal balls up. What it means is that the only impression you can get about the game comes from the visuals.

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IDesertFoxI2833d ago

I think the article hits it on the head when it mentions that this might be for younger thrill junkies who want to see the gore. Isn't that what the target audience for the films basically is?

scruffy_bear2833d ago

Not sure about Saw 2 didn't really like the last game

Mondayding2833d ago

When will the world learn that movie+game=somebody in the marketing department pushing the project through without mercy? And don't even think of bringing up any exceptions to the rule that movie's make for naff games!

Cubes2833d ago

The films got progressively worse as the series went on, what chance that the games reverse that trend?