Fable III: The Official Magazine available to download for free

GamerZines has today launched Fable III: The Official Magazine, a free magazine dedicated to Lionhead's upcoming classic. The publication explores the first three hours of the game, plus offers an in-depth look at the Road To Rule, The Sanctuary and an exclusive interview with Peter Molyneux.

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StanLee2891d ago

Can't wait to get this game next week. I love Fable.

N4PS3G2892d ago

Great read and nice new screenshots. They said it was the best Lionhead game yet, I'm starting to get hyped.

WetN00dle692892d ago

Man i cant wait!
Just hope this time around the game is without bugs from the get go.
I had to restart Fable 2 a few times due to corrupted game saves!
I barely beat the game last BUT man was it amazing!

sonicsidewinder2891d ago

cant argue with free stuff.