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It may not be quite as philosophically accomplished, and may suffer from scrubbier textures, more than its fair share of bugs (which we’re sure will be fixed after a month or so on the market) and just a sense that we’ve seen many of its key features – the VATS targeting, even the HUD – before, but New Vegas manages to beat all the odds and, drawing on the masterful experience of its creators, manages to truly push the boundaries of what we ever thought could be achieved with Bethesda’s system.

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Chuk52801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

Where are you anti-new vegas force? The game is getting mighty good reviews.

Sarcasm2801d ago


The game is like Fallout 3 with a new skin.

However, I've logged on many hours onto Fallout 3 also.

It's a mediocore game but for some reason is masked with digital crack. You cant believe how terrible it is, but you cant stop playing because it's also amazing in other areas.

I believe it's the same with this game, it's a crap game injected with digital crack, so anyone who plays it will fall into the addiction of the digital drug and think it's a good game.

Looking forward to playing it! :)

S4NDM4N2801d ago


"Fallout: New Vegas is the game that many wanted Fallout 3 to be. It's harder, more ruthless, better written and more morally ambiguous. It's a game we’ve been wanting to play for more than a decade, a real modern re-imagining of the Fallout series, complete with that deliciously black humour."

I hated FO3 with a passion. THe writing, quests, choices, RPG mechanics and stats and voice acting were freaking terrible beyond belief.

" Because in some respects Fallout: New Vegas is a very different game from Fallout 3, and that's largely because it's better written. It understands that sometimes you must do awful things for a greater cause, or choose the best of two bad options. It offers you decisions all the time, but it rarely forces you to make any. It understands that morality is ambiguous, and subjective, and that games shoving obvious choices in your face undermines their emotional maturity. It knows that sometimes there is no right choice. "

We need more games like this. I can't stand bioware nowadays, because all they do is some shallow BE GOOD or BE EVIL choices.

Seriously read the review. Hardcore mode sounds amazing.

MaxOpower2801d ago

Naaaa I't looks exactly the same. But still I can't wait for this buged peace of ugly shit!

VandimionX2801d ago

I had pretty much decided to skip this game, since I assumed from ss and gameplay vids it was just more of the same of FO3, which I am not down for at all. After reading the review you linked I might actually pick it up, seems like they made a much better game than Bethesda, and more along the lines of what I initially expected out of FO3. Thanks for the link! (I would've never of seen it otherwise, IGN=bleh)

Nihilism2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

I'm right here. NV blows hard.

In a world where GTAIV,the worst in the series and one of my top 10 hated/disappointing games of all time; can get 10/10. Even games with unanimous praise can blow chunks, i'm gonna go with my instincts on this one and pay heed to the first review we saw: "FO3 minus originality".

FO3 was my game of the year...and the last few Obsidian games I played were sub's not hard to see the signs.

S4NDM4N2801d ago

GO back to that review and tell me one thing where the reviewer actually went in-depth about the game. He didn't even talk about how the factions work which is a huge part of the game. Everything that reviewer said was known from previews. Hell all the images were screens before it was released.

Fallout 3 was good? HA! A big world doesn't make a good RPG.

You need writing, open choices, stats that affect your character and the choices he is able to make, customization, etc..

Fallout 3 had none of those. THe writing was terrible, the voice acting was god awful.

YOu could go through FO3 with an endurance of 1 and nothing would affect you.

Maybe you should actually read reviews.

Baka-akaB2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

it's not hard to see the signs indeed , Obsidian makes better rpg elements and plotting than bethesda period .

For all its problem Alpha protocol was still better fleshed out in the rpg parts , and way better written than most of its competition .

Bethesda just shove you in a sandbox literally , and let you play with yourself , with the bugs as a side dish .

I get some enjoying it , but i want more , especially from fallout , wich Obsidian by all account so far seems to do .

In short FA3 with actual writing and better rpg elements ? no contest here for me .

S4NDM4N2801d ago

Actually what was wrong with the last Obsidian games?

Alpha Protocol was great. It is what I wanted ME2 to be. An actual RPG with shooter elements. The whole point of a RPG, is that the combat is decided by stats. You create your character and let his stats fight it out for you. That is what AP did. Your shooting was solely based on how you built our character yourself. I mean the dialogue was great, the conversation system was f'n excellent, the customization was enjoyable, and the combat and RPG system was deep with tons of replay value.

KOTOR 2 - ahh. Lucas Arts rushed this game. So sad. 4 months earlier than what Obsidian wanted. Up until the last quarter of the game, this truimphed KOTOR 1 in everything. Combat was deeper, the conversation system, dialogue etc.. everything Obsidian does best. Their writing, their characters, their conversation choices etc.. KOTOR 1 has the Bioware character syndrome.

That is just scratching the surface. They always have that merciless killer, naive one, etc. Their games follow the same exact character formula. And all they did in KOTOR 1 was whine and whine and whine. Hell, even HK 57 makes fun of how much they whined. And unfortunately, Biwoare isn't the best with twists. You could see it coming, though a great idea, not the best execution.

Anyways, back onto KOTOR 2, it being a darker game and all. Modders found lost content in the files. It took a couple of years, but everything has been restored, and dear God what a game. Love love love it.

Neverwinter Nights 2: Mask of the Betrayer: Stupid Bioware and their Aurora Engine. It had all the Obsidian elements. Deep gameplay, great characters, writing etc.. Obsidian is unmatched in those elements out of any other WRPG dev of today. Great, great multiplayer game.

So, what was bad with Obsidian's games? Let me guess, you don't read reviews or play games. You just look at the score and say dumb comments.

Philoctetes2801d ago

This sounds like one of those games where we can set aside the poor graphics and ancient engine in favor of high-quality writing and gameplay. I hope these reviews are right.

zeddy2801d ago

im psyched for this now! looking forward to all this awesome story business.

Allowen2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

With five hours playing this game so far I got to say that it is better then I was expecting it would be.

It is still too soon for me to say that it is indead better then Fallout3 but the few hours I have spent on this game I can tell it is much more fun then Fo3 with better and more fun rpg elements and action.

The game crashed twice on me in five hours. Not bad I guess when I remember how bugged Fo3 was at launch date and still is .
I can't play FO3 anymore with Windows 7 ... but at least FO:NV works :)

Baka-akaB2801d ago (Edited 2801d ago )

I can get some of the negative points , but i find it very funny that its only with new vegas that some people suddenly notice bugs .

It seems more like "urrr its those dudes from kotor2 and alpha protocol , let's not cut them any slacks" , while the bug king itself , bethesda get free passes .

m-s-8-22801d ago

49.99 on Newegg with a promo code FYI.

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