Level-5 shares official Ni no Kuni boxart

Level-5 revealed the boxart for Ni no Kuni on DS at their press conference today.

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Lucreto2894d ago

What were the 4 games they were meant to announce?

SpoonyRedMage2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I'm not sure if they were the four but Fantasy Life, Time Travellers and a hostess club game have all been announced for 3DS.

EDIT: and they just announced Layton Phoenix Wright crossover...for the 3DS!

Lucreto2894d ago

Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright two of my favourite games coming together is a dream come true.

I wonder what art style they will use.

Lucreto2894d ago

Thanks for the picture.

boogeyman9992894d ago

I need to see a better picture