Hands On: Frag FX Shark with COD Champ Dennis Dozier

Earlier this week I had the chance to sit down with ‘Global Call of Duty Champ’ Dennis Dozier gamertag “zDD” to talk about the Frag Fx Shark’s new features for the PlayStation 3. It felt great.

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josh143992832d ago

these controllers create an unfair advantage if you want to use keyboard and mouse get a pc.

AndrewE2832d ago

Some professional analog players are just as competent with controllers as some of the semi-pro PC players. The point is not to buy an advantage but bring over PC players terrified of analog controls.

"if you want to use keyboard and mouse get a pc."

You're just admitting analog's faults as a control scheme from the get go. Why not let people use what THEY want with THEIR money. If you start getting owned why don't YOU get better with analog.