OXM UK: Fallout New Vegas Review

When the experience is this good, it's a small price to pay. Fallout: New Vegas does betray the age of its engine every now and then, but it also shows why it has aged so well, powering the same tasty mix of great gameplay, endless side-quests and a world to get lost in. And the bit where you send the caravan girl off to get bombed? Awesome. See you at the watercooler.

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Shield2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Great score! Picking up my copy today. I'm on holiday so I plan to get lost in days upon days of gameplay. By the time I'm done my hair & face will look like Hagrid! ;-P

Nikobaxton2861d ago

There isn't even a damn release date in the region i live T_T i soo want to play this.. and all the reviews popping up aren't making the wait easier too

antz11042861d ago

I'll be getting this when the gaming craziness settles down next month.....should last me thru til the spring.