Analysis: Sony's Move Meets With Modest Response From Consumers


Here is our bottom line: During a 15-day period in September (and two days in October), Sony launched PlayStation Move and reached between 1% and 3% of the installed hardware base. We feel that Sony has put forth a modest effort and received a corresponding modest consumer reaction. The company has much work yet to do, should it wish to make Move a permanent fixture in the PlayStation product line.

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Chaostar2896d ago


How come Sony themselves have stated that Move is selling above expectations and production is planned to be upscaled yet we have a daily article claiming the opposite?

yoghurt2896d ago

Because gaming 'journalists' know more than the companies themselves, did you not know?
hence PS3 being the 3rd fastest console of all time, and yet all we ever heard in the early days was that it was doomed and the end of sony's gaming effort etc etc

Shadow Flare2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

All I know is, Microsoft wanted to sell 3 million kinects by the end of the year, and move has already sold 2 million, and it's not even Xmas yet, and it hasn't launched in japan yet

GWAVE2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )


Move is selling great, which is good news for me because I bought the dang thing for Eyepet for my wife, so I guess the more games that come out for it the better. I like it, but I still prefer standard controllers.

edit @ below "when compared to Kinect"

Let's just see how Kinect sells, okay? As of right now, Move is 2 million in the lead.

thor2896d ago

lololol no, it's because Sony give a load of PR spin to justify sales, when compared to Kinect it will have sold very, very poorly. Move's "success" did not warrant the amount of money pumped into it. That money could have gone towards ACTUALLY HAVING A SINGLE EXCLUSIVE GAME this holiday season.

kaos_fish II2896d ago

The Mighty Thor is a Mighty Troll!!

So, genius it's Sony's PR that 'spinning' Move's sales is it..? What's that $500million MS is spending say for Kinect then?

Does the 360 have an exclusive game coming this Xmas? - or is it nothing but Kinect?

thor2896d ago

360 has Halo (already released) and Fable III. Sony has 0 confirmed exclusives, since LBP2 got pushed back, and GT5 is TBA with all the signs that it will get pushed back to 2011.

Sony's statement said nothing. It was pure PR spin. Who knows what their expectations were? They could have set their expectations really low, or just lied about what they expected. Looking at the real numbers tells the real story. It's clear Move will not be a dominant force in the motion control market.

DatNJDom812896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

since the us seems to love their half assed system with upgraded, yet flawed eyetoy. it seems europe actually knows a working product when they see one. By the way I live in the us before any of u assholes start calling me eurotrash or socialist. :P

DarkTower8052896d ago

Article A: "Move selling out, consumer demand high"

Article B: "Move not popular, doomed to fail"

Me: "WTF?!?"

FunAndGun2896d ago

"It's clear Move will not be a dominant force in the motion control market."

Gee, it's only been on the market for 1 month and hasn't even released in Japan yet.

yeah, OK Miss Cleo

Kewl_Kat2896d ago

"360 has Halo (already released) and Fable III. Sony has 0 confirmed exclusives, since LBP2 got pushed back, and GT5 is TBA with all the signs that it will get pushed back to 2011."

For sony, I think of it more as the calm before the storm. I wonder how you'd spin it once we reach 2011, when sony would have more exclusives than ms.

thor2896d ago

OK so you agree that Sony has nothing for the holidays. Bit sad really. All you can say is "bububu wait for next year" - let me tell you this. Games get pushed back. We know that from this year. I fully expect games such as The Last Guardian, Infamous 2, Motorstorm: Apocalype to be delayed until 2012. Sure, we'll have LBP2 and GT5 early next year, but having no games for the holidays is hardly good PR.

VandimionX2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

lol, I think MS is going to end up spending more on Kinect advertising than the R&D on both it AND PS Move.

We'll see who made better business decisions in the long run I suppose.

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Captain Tuttle2896d ago

If you read the article you would know that it's discussing NPD numbers and Sony's statement was about Europe.

Raf1k12896d ago

It doesn't seem to be doing all that great in the US but with MS pushing Kinect the way they are I'm not surprised.

BrutallyBlunt2896d ago

"How come Sony themselves have stated that Move is selling above expectations and production is planned to be upscaled yet we have a daily article claiming the opposite?"

Because most articles saying the Move didn't sell that well are based from NPD data, which is not a representation of world statistics. Sony would rather focus on all regions.

Makidian2896d ago

It's not even an accurate description of sales because as the article said it's an accessory sale so they are not tracked the same way. I don't care if Sony makes a public statement or not because I will read it in the fiscal reports where it will be stated on some level. I just don't understand all of these people saying it sold poorly when they have been backordered or completely sold out both online and in stores since launch.

360nPS3rTheSAME2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

is awesome and it should continue to sell great

edit: disagrees?? I guess Move isn't as popular and wanted as I thought

bustamove2896d ago

...Your point being?

I don't mind games being pushed back because this year is chock full of multiplatfoems as it is. Should I mention games on the 360 that were pushed back as well? Really?

Please stop trolling.

StanLee2896d ago

Sony is saying one thing but wont provide the figures to back it up. Why haven't they release their North American sales numbers for September.

Makidian2896d ago

Because they don't have to. They don't owe anything to you or me or anyone but their bosses and shareholders. If you want better data become a shareholder otherwise get over it. This whole NPD thing is a recent phenomenon and I'm glad they have stopped making the data publicly available because it doesn't do anything but incite rampant fanboyism.

Microsoft only released their numbers because they are loud mouths, but if they sell low one month you can bet your ass they won't be saying a word about it, or they will to try to spin it positively.

Nathaniel_Drake2896d ago

Wow you just described the 360, get your console knowledge straight

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panasonic232896d ago

Dude u know Move sales are bad when sony is not going to release it numbers to the public.

The fact that sony hasn't release their September figures speak volumes.

jneul2896d ago ShowReplies(1)
Makidian2896d ago

No it doesn't mean anything.

get2sammyb2896d ago

Before the trolls jump in assuming this is bad PlayStation Move news, it's actually the opposite. Actually READ the article before commenting.

Nobody expected it to sell a bajillion units in the first month. Move's always looked like the motion device to have the longest legs. "Modest" is good. It's not "OMGSOAMAZING" but it's not "LOLOLOLDABOMBA" either. It's sufficient, good, decent.

The hardware's actually brilliant, so the word of mouth will spread over Christmas and into the new year. Virtua Tennis 4, PlayStation Move Heroes and Sorcery will all give the device pushes into 2011 too. As will Killzone and SOCOM.

This article states it's been a decent start.

buffig2896d ago

Sony have stated that they will make a profit off every unit sold. They have acknowledged that they can't compete with Microsofts spending power and to me their business model makes sense. Profit from every unit sold & low entry cost (£40 in uk). Kinect costs $150 per unit to manufacture and comes with a marketing budget of $500 million. Therefore if Microsoft manufactures and sells 6 million units it would cost them $900m and they would still be out of pocket from that initial £500m marketing spend. While Sony are in profit from the word go.

Seferoth752896d ago

Love how you use UK price for Move and US price for Kinect but you only need 150 for Kinect. With Move you need 99 for just 1 player then another what 60? for Move controller and Nav controller per person?

Not really cheaper at all and it is kinda sad that you are on a gaming site spouting BS that only gamers who don't go online would fall for.

Biggest2896d ago

Instead of looking at which is cheaper, let's look at which one has appealing games for avid video game players. I'll take patched support for RE5 and Heavy Rain over Jumping Rafty Fun Time any day of the week.

buffig2896d ago

If you only want to play Killzone 3 or Socom 4 or perhaps LBP2 or maybe The Fight or Sorcery on your own, then you only need to pay £40 ($90 if it makes you happy). You have no choice but to spend £130 to play Kinect (not that you'd want to play a kinect game such as "Kinect Super Sportimals Family Excercise Jump Quest" on your own)..Speaking of gamers who don't go online, how come the number of xbox live accounts is so far below the number of actual xboxs. Either millions of xbox users arent online or theres about 15 million 360s on scrapheaps with RROD. Either way it sure is swell

mcstorm2896d ago

This may be a daft question but when they say they have sold 1.5m is that of just each kit or is is just the move controller without ps eye and navigator?

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