DTG: Redefining Motion Capture

Richard Birkett takes a look at the revolutionary new technology in development by Sydney-based Depth Analysis called 'MotionScan' - the motion capture tech behind Rockstar's detective thriller L.A. Noire.

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HeroXIV2289d ago

Is that John Noble? Rockstar bagged a freaking amazing actor there.

dedicatedtogamers2289d ago

Yep, it's John Noble. L.A. Noire is looking to be shaping up like a really, really great detective game with all the great actors, tech, setting etc.

KiRBY30002289d ago

i would like to see the tech in motion. i hope LA Noire doesnt suck like Mafia 2 did.

GWAVE2289d ago

Mo-cap is pretty much necessary to create a believable 3rd-person game. Once you've played a game like Uncharted 2, the animations in everything else looks clunky.

j-blaze2289d ago

really ? i thought Uncharted games animations were clunky ...

krisq2289d ago

just because of him! Love him in Fringe.

Pennywise2289d ago

haha! Freakin love that show!

He plays the two forms of himself so differently. I love it! He does look more like Walternate in that pic.

Agent_00_Revan2288d ago

dont care which version of Walter it is, Noble is amazing!

Shield2289d ago

Denethor - Steward of Gondor

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Quagmire2289d ago

We've been hearing from articles about how "amazing" and "revolutionary" games like Agent and L.A.Noire are gonna be, yet we've seen diddly-squat from either game.

What's the dealio Rockstar? And where's my Midnght Club sequel?

pr0digyZA2289d ago

Fringe ftw. Noire gets my vote even more so now.

Shield2289d ago

Fringe is an awesome show. I'm crazy about Olivia Dunham. She's HOT! :)

Shield2289d ago

John Noble is a brilliant actor, I'm a fan.

j-blaze2289d ago

Rockstar didn't redefine anything they still make crappy cut-scenes in all of their games...
Japan revolutionized motion capture years ago they were the first to use mocap technology in gaming since 90s and they are still leading .

dedicatedtogamers2289d ago

Although obviously this isn't the first instance of highly elaborate motion capture techniques, to me, it's the best out there at the moment, allowing subtle facial movements etc. to be perfectly animated in-game.