Dead Rising 2 - Fortune Skill Pack arrives this Week incl. Trailer

Capcom released thsi Week the Fortune Skill Pack for Dead Rising 2 with a new Outfit and new Abilities. Watch the Trailer now

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showtimefolks2713d ago

just because i am no fan of time limit games and i know there is a ending for just messing around the whole way through.

how about a shooter like borderlands set in real vegas qith zombies there goes my dreams lol

No Way2713d ago

It's no different then any other game.. really.
Other games are linear, you do one mission then you're on to the next.
Hell, I'm sure there's games you picked up without any exploration.

It's a great game, tons of fun. Though, yes, the time 'can' get annoying.

clank5432713d ago

I just bought this game and its absolutely fantastic. Seriously, the time limits are VERY generous and it doesn't matter if you do the missions anyways unless you want experience. I just love the freedom of choice in this game and am really enjoying it. I can tell by the times I'm going to replay this that it was worth 60$ for me personally. No game is for everyone, however.

No Way2713d ago

Why are these being released at different times, I wonder?
The first outfit pretty cool, though. This looks awesome, as well.