Rumor: China's The9 to Develop Shen Xian Zhuan on Sony's PSP2 and PS3

The9, a Chinese online game developer and operator, is going to negotiate with Sony on developing Shen Xian Zhuan on PlayStation Portable 2 and PlayStation 3

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topgeareasy2712d ago (Edited 2712d ago )

PSP 2 ( I hope)
GPU: Eight core PowerVR SGX543MP8
CPU: ARM ? or GP-GPU (PSP CPU + GPU)for BC but I doubt it
Android OS
Two analog sticks
touch screen
wifi N+
3G or 4G

so it could handle a PS3 game

sinncross2711d ago

Which would make the PS3 redundant and the PSP2 hellishly expensive.

The PSP2 only needs to be stronger the the 3DS/ wii at best, so that:
1- it will have a graphics advantage over the 3DS.
2- be able to play PS2 titles off the PSN.
3- not be near as expensive as you want it to be.

Malice-Flare2711d ago

China's a big market for Sony if this is true...

qface642711d ago

actually its not last i heard its illegal for them to sell consoles there

SexyPrawns2711d ago

Then why is there a Chinese PSN Store?

qface642711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

consoles are actually banned in china they have been banned since 2000 i don't think this applies to hong kong though

Apotheosize2711d ago

I think in Hong Kong region they are allowed

GodHandDee2711d ago

Good things for SOny if this is true, I like how they actually go 'global' and tap into various markets in many more countries than the competition. THis is what helps them a lot towards the end of the gen when the pricing for consoles go down

IrishYamato2711d ago

I think The9 have said something they were not supposed to say. Maybe they have one of those mysterious PSP2 dev kits?.

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