Study links violent games to aggression

Repeatedly viewing violent scenes in videogames could make aggression "more acceptable" in teenagers, a new US study suggests.

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theonlylolking2830d ago

LOLZ the only violence game could cause in kids are ones that are probably prone to having mental issues.

PS3ROCKS2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

This makes me so fucking angry I could kill somebody. My fucking game's don't make me violent or aggressive. Fuck the US Study. I want to fucking break those people's necks.

ExplosionSauce2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

And to think I played games like Mortal Kombat at the age of 10.

whydoyouask2830d ago

where the hell are all these studies being done? why don't they post them so we can actually read them and not be told second-hand. That's why i think all of these "studies" are fake.

Nihilism2830d ago

A christian lobby group took a an opinion of the 20 people in the room, they unanimously voted that games are the cause of the worlds problems, rather that religious based intolerance.

/case study.

ExplosionSauce2830d ago

Umm I don't think that's what it was...

sa_nick2830d ago

It's not the game content doing it, its the competitivness of it and all the shit they talk online.

Quagmire2830d ago

video games arent making me aggressive, its all these bloody "studies" they keep makin up.

Saryk2829d ago

Another waste of time and money. I wonder if they went to a prison and asked the inmates:

Did you play video games?

Yes, I played sometimes, but not all the time.

Why did you rape and kill that woman?

I’m innocent!

That’s all the questions I have, thank you. NEXT!