The Hackers Conversation With Josh Olin (Must See)

Se7ensis writes:

So basically I was on AIM earlier today and JD must have came across my AIM on my profile here on Se7ensins when he was doing some research about who released the beta. He actually closed the beta while I was talking to him on AIM. I bs'd him in some of the conversation saying I know the people who have the stolen discs out of Alabama and told him I could help him out but heres the full convo....

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TrevorPhillips2891d ago

Damn these hackers are really smart thats for sure!

bananasNmonkeys2890d ago

Hate to love. Love to hate.


theres a revolution in the making.. as the world turn, they gonna have the leaks burn!

why cant they just use their skills for good? like superheros!

Fishy Fingers2890d ago

Plenty of people will see this as "good". Aside from the pirates, with all the recent negative attitudes towards Activision, some will probably see this as a modern Robin Hood act.

EliteAssass1n2890d ago

lol, i think that website went down

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