Attack of the Fanboy Review: Vanquish

Attack of the Fanboy:

Vanquish was in the traditional sense, an arcade game. It looked like one and played like one, the only problem is the developers tried to also make it something that it was not. The incorporation of the asinine story and inability to actually convey said story throughout the game made Vanquish a bit confusing. Forgetting about all that was supposedly going on and focusing on just the action at hand Vanquish is pretty damn good. The visuals are amazing, the combat was good but not great, and the action fast paced and hectic. But one thought just kept going on in my head while I was playing this game, and that was " I could have just played the demo and had the same experience"

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math2898d ago

Was expecting more from PG

kenlawson2898d ago

I though it would be hard to top Bayonetta. I was considering picking this up but Dtoid rated it 5/10 Now this is 2/5 but I read the review and it doesn't say 2/5 it says that they just didn't like it.

knifefight2898d ago

After the fisaco about this website's proven-fake New Vegas review, I won't be clicking their BS content again.

deafwing2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

either you've mastered sacarsm or you've been out of touch :D
anyways, that game is fun I'm not sure what attackofthefanboy expected
the game is a straight old style fashion arcade shooter with a newer elements thrown into the sauce and it delivers on that! If you like games like omega boost, ZOE, etc, this is your meal ticket - and it's long ... I'm still on ACT 2 and I've been playing since 9 last night (i slept 3 hours). Damn game is hard also. I like it but since I didn't beat it I can't score it (so far so good). Oh yea, if y ou take the story seriously, you're doomed to hate it. It's no magnum opus omega ultra to wet your 10 year pansu's but then again what game is anyways?

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poe2898d ago

Makes no sense stupid review. So because games story is bad its bad game. No, the gameplay in Vanquish is awesome.

deafwing2898d ago

attackoffanboy lives by it's namesake, they attack everything. ignore this web site (well unless you're in a fit of rage and you're ready to attack some random fanboy)

Lucreto2898d ago

These are the same people who did the Fallout review which we now see are much lower on this site than the other review sites.

knifefight2898d ago

This site plays demos and then writes reviews.

No thanks.

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