NXT Gamer: Medal of Honor Review

NXT Gamer's Mike reviews Medal of Honor...

"I’m going to be honest here, when I first saw the Medal of Honor announcement I was excited – very excited. The single player experience looked to be the most authentic war scenario yet and with DICE handling the multiplayer there was little room for error – unfortunately it seems that little room managed to get occupied."

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Kaneda2746d ago

I just got this game last night.. no way this game is a below 8...

jdktech20102746d ago

I don't get it either...I would give the game a solid 8...nothing spectacular but a good shooter regardless

crazyclown2746d ago

same here...i wasnt planning on getting it, but my brother bought it and I cant stop playing it! def an 8/10

frankymv2746d ago

Agreed. Solid game in every way. Nothing spectacular but very solid.

Christopher2746d ago

So, let me get this right: Alpha Protocol, a game with many flaws and bugs and a generally poor gameplay experience (I enjoyed it still) is the same as a game with a lot less of the former?

People are being overly harsh on this game because it doesn't beat CoD, IMHO.

Swiftfox2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

It's hard for some people to put favoritism aside, or really explain the reason why they prefur one game over another.

It's just getting harder and harder to find reviewers that score something for what it is, rather than what they want it to be.

The score system is useless anyway and people read way to into it. Reviewers should honestly just leave off that rediculous scale at the end of the review and let consumers just read it(the review)and decide for themselves with their own personal scale of like/dislikes. The value of a game can not be boiled down to a defined number or grade score. Everyone is different and tastes vary.

AKS2746d ago

Wow, thes reviews definitely underrate this games. No doubt it was a bit rough technically and was probably rushed a bit to market, but there's a very solid games there. Online is a lot like BC2 with some CoD style modifications to the gameplay. I liked MoH better than MW2, although MoH isn't as good as MW1 or BC2.

lefty burns2746d ago

The campaign is solid. The mp is a lot of fun (for now). The score is low in my opinion.

Revvin2746d ago

The game is a solid 8/10, no way does it deserve 6.5. Just because its not CoD its getting low marks but I enjoy it becasue its not CoD online, no gimmicky kill streaks, no play unbalancing perks just a decent straight forward FPS game set in a modern world scenario. This reboot of the franchise is a welcome tonic to CoD. Don't get me wrong I love CoD too but this MoH is a good foundation for the series to build upon.

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