Gamereactor: Dead Nation review retracted

Gamereactor writes: "Yesterday we published a translated review of Housemarque's Dead Nation (due out soon on PSN), but today we pulled it offline. Due to internal miscommunication a preview code was treated as review code. We extend our apologies to both readers, developer and publisher for this mix up. A separate text will be written once the full game is available for review."

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lightningsax2832d ago (Edited 2832d ago )

No kidding, that's hilarious! I guess we'll have to see whether or not the review code has seen some improvements; Dead Nation got a 7/10 with them on the preview code. Then again, Gamereactor has been known to be a tough rater in general.

Still, I wonder if there really was "miscommunication" on that one. The original review sure got me clicking.

MattyF2832d ago

It was a preview code. Any coverage was limited to the first 5 levels, so a review was never meant to be conducted on the build provided.

Tommykrem2831d ago

They gave a 7/10 to the preview code?
Wow, then we could be in for a real treat with the full game.
Fingers crossed for a 9 :)

Apotheosize2832d ago

Does the game even have a release date?

Bathyj2832d ago

Soon apparently.

Not soon enough.

Bathyj2832d ago

Whats the difference?
Their (poorly written) review only cited storyline and linear levels as negatives. Thats not going to change in the final build.

Sounds like theyre just trying to flip flop on their score. I bet they give it an 8.

Tommykrem2824d ago

No, Gamereactor is pretty firm on what they say.

SilverSlug2832d ago

it will even have a platinum trophy. More PSN games need to be this epic!

BrianC62342832d ago

It's more news than a lot of other stuff that gets posted on this site.

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