Gran Turismo 5, this is likely the new release date the title developed by Polyphony Digital should coming in stores at November 26, 2010, a date, especially since it's Black Friday, the festival that occurs every Friday following Thanksgiving. On this day in the U.S. stores are open 24h/24h with amazing prices especially in the popular chains such as GameStop, BestBuy, etc.. It could be one more way to increase sales of a title that now more than ever needs a boost as the temper that caused yet another delay.

It is not the first time that we receive these "blow", but for the record we have to classify them as items of runners (rumor). It may not be respected to the letter of that date, but we hope that the issue is not beyond the month of December.

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gamerzBEreal172860d ago

Black friday? hmm pretty smart

GreenRingOfLife2860d ago

I've lost interest in it now

PirateThom2860d ago

Please, you never had an interest in it to begin with, you're a sad troll with nothing better to do than bash a clearly superior piece of entertainment software to anything on a competing system.

RedDead2860d ago

While I do believe he is trolling, it's OK to lose interest in a game that gets delayed, it doesn't even make a differance though because when the game does actually get a solid reease date, your interest tips back up like it was before, it happens to me with FF Versus everytime some new info comes out.

Shadow Flare2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

Greenringoflife was never going to buy gt5, but judging by the other article, he's buying two (yes, TWO) kinect's even though he didn't tell us a single game he plans to play on it

Releasing gt5 on black Friday would be a great idea and it sounds realistic. Hopefully it's the same date in the uk

rekonizakilla2860d ago

I'm not losing interest, but i did have a lump of sick at the back of my throat when I heard of the delay.

I've booked a wk off from the 3rd of Dec, so I'm just hopeful we get it before then

iPad2860d ago

If if Green is telling the truth, I don't think people lost 'interest'.

They will cave in. Watch

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TrevorPhillips2860d ago

I really dont mind that this game is delayed. I can enjoy Black Ops, Fallout New Vegas and NFS: Hot Pursuit while GT5 comes out. :)

dans3032859d ago

agent-x is right - loads of good games comin up but gt5 will still be sorely missed.
anyone know if online will have levelling up or anything like that?