Daily Joystick Review: Medal of Honor

Larry from Dailyjoystick writes; "Medal of Honor is back with an excellent, respectful depiction of a war all too familiar for many.

I hadn't been at my unit that long when 'Saving Private Ryan' was first released in theatres. We were all young, dumb and full A whole battalion of America's finest 11B's (infantry) in one room. It was all fine and dandy when the lights went out but after the opening 10 or so minutes, no one said anything for the rest of the movie. Some wept. Some sat in silence. Some simply walked out head down uttering not a word. An old man who sat in silence with us looked me dead in the eye's and said "The only thing missing was the smell". I will never forget that brief exchange and I'll never forget EA's reboot of it's 'Medal of Honor' series"

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