Eurogamer: Fallout: New Vegas Review

Eurogamer: "Obsidian could have restricted its ambition to inheriting Bethesda's game engine and turning out more of the same, and most of Fallout 3's sizeable fanbase would have been quite happy. That it's gone to the trouble of developing both the series' narrative and it gameplay mechanics speaks highly of the studio's attention to detail."

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NickX2830d ago

9/10 from Eurogamer is good enough for me.

The_Nameless_One2830d ago

Eurogamer are the unstable crazy uncle of the gaming media.

PS360fanboy2830d ago

True! The game looks great but everyone mentions the huge loading times...

CrzyFooL2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

Ive got it on PC. Have had 0 issues thus far.

Anyone else notice the giant New Vegas paid ad background on the Eurogamer homepage? :-p

Perjoss2830d ago

if the game is GOOD the loading times wont matter, rather play a good game with long loads than a shite one with no loading at all.

Beahmscream2830d ago

Not to mention the bugs/glitches...

zeddy2830d ago

i want to get it on the ps3 so i hope its an improvement on fallout 3 because that game was fugly on the ps3, almost put me off playing it.

NickX2830d ago

They might be crazy , but a 9/10 from them is worth a lot more than a 9/10 from places like IGN

byeGollum2830d ago

cause they rarely give 9s out.. I thought it would get a 7 or 8 from them with all the complaints about bugs and glitches

R_aVe_N2830d ago

That is odd for them I was expecting around a 7-8. Pretty supprised here to say the least.

MaxOpower2830d ago

Yeah I remember them Giving RDR a sub 90 score. They were like the only ones who did it.

But f*** this. Only review that counts in my book is the Gamespot one.

visualb2830d ago

the only review that should count is yours....I agree though we need some sort of idea before we purchase...Im waiting on reviews too, but more generalized just to see the "general" appreciation of the game

Bolts2830d ago

First it was Civ 5, now this. Damn, damn, damn.

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