Gran Turismo 5 and the path of delays

MMGN: Gran Turismo 5 is dangerously close to being overhyped beyond repair. Take a look at its history of delays to ease the pain of the most recent setback.

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MaximusPrime2898d ago


when Sony announced release date and then delay it, it is a definite "delay"

When Sony said it coming in "xmas 2009" and it went pass that period, you cannot class that as "delay"

only Japan experience 2 delays as it was given fixed date from Sony twice.
Outside Japan, worldwide experience delay ONCE.

Dee_912898d ago

how come I only heard about 2 ?
And Amazon.. and Gamestop
and other places selling the game

Jdoki2898d ago

My thoughts on the Xmas 2009 'release' was that PD originally intended to launch a skeleton version of GT5 at a budget price - very few tracks or cars - and then follow it up with constant DLC to build the game.

PD realised that model would not have worked and changed to a full release.

I pre-ordered GT5 as soon as I could, and there was no release date - then the retailer updated it to the November release - and now it's changed. So GT5 has missed ONE release date in the West.

From what I hear, PD missed the delivery date to go gold by 3 days, so missed their production window to get the discs pressed. The reason we haven't heard about an updated launch date is that Sony are probably trying to negotiate and juggle production runs around to fit GT5 in asap.

The amount of hype Sony and PD have generated is insignificant compared to the hype GT creates for itself by being a quality product.

tinybigman2898d ago

for me the haters are a sad, sad lot. also trying to rub it's first official delay in the west, while it's the 2nd for japan. the game will sell i've no doubt of that.

mastiffchild2898d ago

I just don't re34call the same degree of abuse for other delayed games this generation, the same abuse for games that made us pay for a game without enough QA or without online beta testing this gen and so on. Why is GT5, seemingly, in a league of it's own? Too Human took longer, Alan Wake took as long and neither got the pre release grief PD are getting even though they managed to get other bits and bobs released while making GT5 and neither SK or Remedy did. Allied to that both their games were less fraught with legal and licensing issues and were losing features all the time while GT5 adds them.

Even if PD hadn't put out Prologue, Concept and GTPSP in the same time frame I'd say judging a game solely on it's dev cycle length was unfair but as they DID it's laughable that they get more abuse than other devs who delayed simpler games just as often and more. I'm not saying it's OK to delay and delay a game but FFS can't we be fair about this and dole out the gripes to every game that does it equally? Would also be good if they , at least, pretended to understand why it might have been delayed too!

As for buying F3 instead: I like both series, because of and not despite their differences but ~Greenawalt and Co's arrogance and rigged poll BS(and so on and on) meant I didn't feel I could reward them with my purchase this time out and also GT5 just appears to have more features relevant to the driving(weather and day/night cycles etc)yet F3 just expanded the paint options side of things. In short they aren't THAT similar really so I'd advise either buy both or get the one which suits you best and since the delay is a tiny one why change if you waited for GT5 anyway? I do worry that GT5 isn't going to be reviewed on the basis of what comes on the disc, though, with the western media seemingly ready to bring it's dev cycle into the review scoring process-which is daft but I've already seen GR among others intimating as such with "does GT5 need to be perfect after the delays?" articles. I just don't think it's being treated like other delayed games myself-sure, they all got mentioned for it but none got the amount of column inches GT5 does and I don't think it's right.

DigitalAnalog2898d ago

How is that a delay? The previous point already explained that Japan's "March" window is replaced with TBA.

-End statement

iPad2898d ago

Path as delays? You make it sound like it was delayed 20 times. This is why people think GT5 was delayed so many times, and all those so called delays just shows the anticipation of GT5:

E3 2006 GT5 Trailer. ( no release date, nothing)
Retarded people: OMG it's gonna be a launch title!!!1!...

2007,. Retarded people: sadly gt5 got delayed last year. Lets hope it comes out this year. ( no release date, nothing)

2008: Wellll, GT5 got delayed AGAIN! Lets hope it comes out next year. (no release date, nothing)

2009: 'DELAYED' again!!!!! Lets hope it comes out next year ( no release date)

Now in 2010, it officially got delayed.

nickjkl2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

2005 Gran turismo 4 launches
2006 announced game GRAN TURISMO HD
2007 nothing is announced
2008 Gran turismo 5 Prologue is launched
2009 announced for a march 2010 launch in japan
2010 announced for november 2nd and then delayed World wide for the first time

people are mistaking estimates for release and not meeting those estimates as delays and idk why people were expecting gran turismo 5 so soon when gran turismo 4 launched 1 year before the ps3 launched

basically if you really like gran turismo it wouldnt have been 5 years since the last gran turismo game it would of been 2 and a half years

and people shouldnt compare it to duke nukeem duke was announced in 1997 and didnt have no prologue launched 2 and a half years after its announcement saying that is like saying rockstar took for ever with gta 4 since gta 3 was in 2001 and gta 4 in 2008

raztad2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Good post nick.

2006 - Some people are overly desperate to track GT5 announcement back to 2006 when all what was shown at E3 that year was a proof of concept (aka technical demo) called GTHD, using GT4 assets upscaled to run on the PS3.

"bu bu bu we thought it waz GT5". No it wasnt. And you have to be super dumb to think Sony is gonna market GT4 upscaled as GT5.

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Bathyj2898d ago

This article is delayed.

This is so four days ago.

LeonVesper2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Looking at the spacing between E3 2006 and E3 2010, the only formal release date for GT5 is the November 2nd release date. Most of the bolded dates state nothing of a delay, but a lack of a release during that time frame. It is also funny that they failed to speak anything of Prologue to give a brief glimpse of what GT5 is about. That apparently means nothing as a sign of effort brought forth by PD to let the racing sim community.

"In a last minute attempt to avoid crossing the line, I suggest forgetting about Gran Turismo 5. Go out and buy Forza 3 on Xbox 360. It is currently the best driving sim on the market, and will easily tide you over until December, when another GT5 delay will probably be announced."

I think this article has put their car in park in front of the finish line a long time ago. Even I was doing my research on the dates, and I have sympathy for the Japanese community who had to deal with two delays versus the rest of the world's first delay on the game.

In the end, this article is just bashing on GT5 and endorsing Forza. To each their own, but the author of this article comes off as condescending about the delays, assuming the feelings and the reactions of the entire racing sim community on the development of GT5.

xg-ei8ht2898d ago

Go out and buy forza on the 360. Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo Noooooooooooooo Nooooooooooooo.

I will not have that shoddy piece of tech in my house.

DanteKnightsTemplar2898d ago

What a msft fanboy... ,go out and buy forza3? ...dude,how about you go out and get laid,you took all that time to be a troll and tried that punch line at the end to get people to ditch gt5 and buy forza 3.hahaha amateur writer man haha

Silly gameAr2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Articles like this have been coming all day. Not about GT5, but seeming to promote MS is some way. It's weird.

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