Michael Pachter's Most Inaccurate Predictions

He's surely the gaming industry's most well-known crystal ball-gazer, the man whose views US blog Kotaku once reported on almost 20 times in two months, and, like most analysts, he gets his fair share of stick on gaming forums. His name (drumroll, maestro) is Michael Pachter, and - despite what snotty message board detractors might say - the majority of this Wedbush Morgan employee's predictions regarding the games industry actually turn out to be right on the button.

Naturally however, there's an element of risk involved in Pachter's line of work, a chance that some predictions will go slightly askew, or even prove quite spectacularly wrong. Many of his more wayward prophecies have been swept surreptitiously beneath the carpet of recent history, so GamerSquad decided to go quote-hunting in a bid to find some of the Pachterisms that not only missed the goal, but flew clean out of the stadium for good measure.

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azzam3921d ago

Xbox360=Red lights

MK_Red3921d ago (Edited 3921d ago )

Someone should award the prize of "most number of terribly wrong predictions" to this guy. Add PS3 July sales predictions and E3 predictions for maximum performance.

UPDATE: I agree with mikeslemonade.
Prediction 3 (HD neccessary) is true. I can't even look at Wii games on 40 HDTV. They look worse than terrible and I'm already addicted to HD.

WilliamRLBaker3920d ago

must suck, Cause I have an 30 inch, and an 50 inch and have no problem with wii on either.

mikeslemonade3921d ago

Prediction 3 isn't wrong. I think that's a smart prediction eventually HD will be essential. That's like saying "i'm going to die in some point" which is true you just don't know when. The truth is when 360 and PS3 are $250 and $300 they will look way more attractive than the Wii and most people will HDTVs by then. My 32inch LCD HDTV was $480 which is litterally just $80 more than a SDTV in the local store. And we're are talking years from now. The LCD takes less part to make than a SDTV and then eventually the LCD HDTV will eventually even cheaper than the SDTV.

Ludwig3921d ago

Ok, some solid predictions for him:

If none 360 or PS3 get a market share at least 30% larger then PS2 had in the last generation at its peak, both will have to dive into digital distribuition to keep a "decent" profitablitiy for the softhouses.

Wii is a short-term treat to them, taking away developers and some market-share .. but in the long term only benefits the industry (Hardcore included.) by doing the "basic training" for them.

s8anicslayer3920d ago

this guys a moron,well i guess that should be expected since he comes from a family of gypsies.lmao!

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