WhatIfGaming: Fallout: New Vegas Collector’s Edition Review – Claim Your Distingué Prize

WhatIfGaming writeS: "Fallout: New Vegas presents players an incredible symphony of a title that brilliantly combines better gameplay, including newer systems and incredible voice assets, greater variety of characters in New Vegas than in Fallout 3’s Washington D.C., and most of all an increased sense of longing to get away from the harsh realities of survival in the other states of the wasteland only to be introduced to something much more morbid and believable in the microcosm of the universe. Fallout: New Vegas has finally reignited the nostalgia and relevance that Fallout fans have been missing exceptionally. It has managed to allow us to become either selfish post nuclear adventurers, or the enigmatic and lighthearted adventuring benevolent who is one to give aide wherever they can and remain in the positive Karma scale."

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