IGN: Metroid Prime 3 Review

IGN's Review of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Wii.

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MK_Red4104d ago

Wow, awesome find. 9.5? A bit lower than my expectations. I think it should have gotten 9.6 or 9.7 or even 10. It's the best Wii game so far.

ITR4104d ago

9.7 sounds about right.

tplarkin74103d ago

Why would you assume it to be a 9.7? You haven't played the game. Besides, 9.5 is just as good.

Thursday4103d ago

That score pretty much matched my expectations, will be getting this one for sure. This game and Umbrella Chronicles might be the two top notch games for the Wii this year.

GnaM4103d ago

tplarkin7 , that's exactly what I told him in the comments for the 1up Metroid review ( Whining because a game got a 9 instead of a 10 is bad enough, but quibbling over fifths and tenths of a point when you haven't even played the god damn game is ridiculous.

Way too many people here seem to think that looking at screenshots and videos online before a game comes out makes you an authority on the game's quality.

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Bloodmask4104d ago

Another masterpiece from Nintendo. Their first party games are always AAA. The Metroid franchise is truly a classic series.

I hope this proves to a lot of people that the Wii can pump out good graphics. Because MP3 looks truly fantastic.

They state in the review that this is the last in a Trilogy but I anticipate we will see Samus again.

Kleptic4103d ago


I always wished Samus was Nintendo's mascot altogether...I enjoyed the original Metroid more than the first Mario game (although Mario 3 is the best in the series imo, and still untouchable)...I liked the return of samus more than any other Gameboy (or other portable for that matter)game except for tetris...and Super Metroid is to this day my favorite platformer (side scroller or not) ever...

it took me a very very long time to appreciate the first Prime game...I kept thinking of it as a normal FPS, which screwed me up...but once I got used to it, and remember how "to think" in a metroid game, it was fantastic...

I have not once had any desire to even be in the same room as a Wii since the first few days of Wiisports...but this game looks great...

Satanas4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

Awesome. I'm looking forward to this and Smash a lot, 9.5 is a great score.

@MK Red: true, especially if you look at the other games in the series' review scores. But they state in the review that it's the best one yet.

This is the first Wii news I've seen this high in degrees in a while. Then again, not that surprising as it is a big title.

fopums4104d ago

figured this game was going to be a smash, I like the franchise hopefully it continues further and at the top notch quality :)

Double-Edged4104d ago

I'm buying a Wii before a PS3.

MarioFromTexas4103d ago

If this game was on the PS3 it would get a 3..Can this game be anymore lanier....You go into the same hallway and shoot one or 2 guys and move on to the next same looking hallway...It's just pathetic how this reveiws are. How can you look at MP3 and be impressed. I'm not big in FPS but this game looks whack and only a nes fanboy could like. It's a shame how reveiws tear into the PS3, but this game does not even come closest to the ugliest game on the PS3 and yet manages to get 9.6...People say the wii is next gen then it should be reveiwed against games that are next gen not gamecube games. Double standards is what ruining the gaming industry..IGN took a point from heavenly sword for not having multiplayer but they don't take a point for a FPS game not have multiplayer....which game should have multiplayer? a 3rd person action/adventure single player game or a FPS? I mean how can someone respect these reveiws when they dawg a game for something and then they praised another game for the same thing.

sloth4urluv4103d ago

What does comparing this game with the ugliest ps3 game have to do with anything. You could have the prettiest game ever but if it sucks and isnt fun to play wtf is the point?

Kleptic4103d ago is obvious you have never played any of the metroid games, sidescrolling originals or these first person games...

they have some of the best adventure puzzles of any games...and the most dynamic and different boss battles that still have never been touched...every single upgrade you aquire throughout the game is required numerous times to get to new areas (and everything is unlocked from the just won't have the suit, space jump, speed, etc. to get through some areas)...

believe me I have since release not been too thrilled with the Wii's high profile in the media...a console that is profitable from day 1 with the idea of visuals and sound taking a back seat to silly motion controls was almost an insult to a gamer like I didn't buy one...however I will always give credit where credit is due...and if there is one single game that has me jealous of Wii owners, or one game that would almost convince me to buy one...this is it...

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