Game Guys Review: PlayStation Move

Sony has entered the world of motion gaming with the PlayStation Move. But how does Move stack up with the Nintendo Wii? We'll look at the Move's setup, value and quality in this review.

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MultiConsoleGamer2827d ago

I'm surprised by how much I've been playing the Move. I enjoyed the Sports Champions Bundle so much that I actually decided to get the charging station, navigation controller and a second remote.

BryanBegins2827d ago

Me too. I just finished the champion cup in table tennis. At first, at the bronze cup, I was like: meh, at least Wii Sport had the cuteness of Miis. But after that, I discovered the depth of this game. I wish there was online multiplayer though.

SactoGamer2826d ago

We're thinking about getting the charging dock too but haven't decided between the first-party Sony one or a less-expensive third-party one.