New Releases for week ending August 31 (US and Europe)

The arrival of a certain underwater adventure from 2K Games seems to have finally provided the jump start 2007 needed in terms of banishing the woeful summer months and delivering a decent range of retail choice for the (incredibly patient and) discerning gamer.

The cream of this week's crop arrives in the form of a certain armour-clad heroine courtesy of Nintendo. Yep, sweet Samus makes her first appearance on the Nintendo Wii for the final game in the long-running Metroid series.

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gogators4129d ago

Warhawk looks to be the biggest of them all. I'll have to try Stranglehold first. I wonder how many copies Madden EA plans on selling in Europe though.

Bazookajoe_834129d ago

There´s almost no intrest here, but warhawk will be great =)