GameInformer: Vanquish Review - A One-Note Burst Of Adrenaline

If Vanquish had been fleshed out with better characters, more variety, and a more substantial campaign, it could have been great. As is, the awesome suit amounts to little more than a fun toy in a forgettable world.

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MultiConsoleGamer2681d ago

It's still a pretty damn good game, albeit maybe a short, cheap thrill.

SovereignSnaKe2681d ago

-game informer can eat a dick, getting this tomorrow after school!!! :))

TheHater2681d ago

because they actually point out the shortcomings of this know, something reviewers are suppose to do

HolyOrangeCows2681d ago

Too many gamers would just like to hear that the game they have mentally invested in is perfect, and play a flawed game in ignorant bliss.

Information Minister2681d ago

Would you be happy if this game got a free pass like Bayonetta did? Honest reviews are hard to find these days.

I will also be buying this game soon. I'll take a 4 hour long awesome game over the 15 hour long boring one every day.

pinkyxyz2681d ago

of ground sliding in multiplayer!! Man that would of been just plain epic.

mricecreamman2681d ago

this is NOT A LEGIT review. several other reviews had said this game is well over 4 hours first time through. game informer is bunch of idiots!

TheHater2681d ago

and other sources has confirmed that this game can be finish in under 4 hours.

mricecreamman2681d ago (Edited 2681d ago )

where is the source? i don't see any proof. and it can not be a some random person average joe writing a review.

why would the producer of saga say it will take 10 hours? hmmm which source is legit, not hard to tell i'd say.

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