HG review - Comic Jumper

HookedGamers writes: "
When the news got around to me that the indie developers Twisted Pixel had announced their next game, Comic Jumper, I made sure to reserve a space for it on my hard drive. Being a big platformer and puzzle game fan, I adored their first two games released in 2009 on XBLA; The Maw and Splosion Man. This next title promises a shift to a shooter-based game type and was actually an idea that had been circulating the team even before the release of their first title. Having established a reputation for themselves as innovative and highly original game developers, hopes were high for Comic Jumper. Many were expecting it to be announced as the studios masterpiece, especially with its focus on pop-culture, fast action and comic book style. I carried my hopes high but as always I reserved my complete judgement until I had played the game in full."

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