Roll the dice: Ars Reviews Fallout: New Vegas

Ars writes: "Sadly though, the technical problems can't be ignored. When you're as scared of losing progress as you are of fighting a Super Mutant, that's a problem. And one that will frustrate even the most die-hard Fallout fan."

The good

* Epic storyline with great writing and acting
* Incredible wealth of customization options
* Las Vegas provides a unique and convincing new setting
* Huge and detailed world to explore
* So very many side quests
* Hardcore mode provides additional challenge

The bad

* Terribly long load times
* Freezing and game ending bugs
* Few gameplay differences compared to previous game
* Quest directions aren't always clear

The ugly

* Getting stuck inside a rock for the third time in one sitting

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Cyrus3652830d ago

How do Fallout title get such high scores, with some crazy buggy games...Like fallout 3, should have been atleast a point lower, with some of the near game breaking bugs it had, until it had released a patch.

Guarantee if Gt5, had these kind of bugs, it'd be getting lower scores, or God of War, etc.

ElementX2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

RPGs are so huge, with so much code, it's impossible to find every bug/glitch. It's not a linear storyline, you can go wherever you want to, climb rocks, explore whatever, sure sometimes you get stuck. There are so many different paths, you may walk two feet to the left of where the play testers did and get stuck somewhere. There are too many variables.

Furthermore, Obsidian used the engine Bethesda created. I bet Bethesda is creating a new engine for the next Fallout and Elder Scrolls game.

anh_duong2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

"On three separate occasions, while walking over rocks, I found myself stuck inside them, unable to escape." - ars

true but you think getting stuck (in the rock) when walking over a rock is that difficult a bug to spot..

Bradeh2830d ago

Neither of them games have over 100+ hours of content.

toaster2830d ago

I'm gonna guess you're one of those people that rush through games for achievements... If you take your time you could easily get 100 hours into FO3. The problem with many gamers this generation is that they're used to quick and dirty 6 hour campaigns and then rely on multiplayer to keep the game fun. Whatever happened to the 200+ hour RPGs or 20 hour FPS games? Neverwinter Nights, KOTOR, hell even Mass Effect and The Whitcher had a good length of singeplayer campaign.

Cenobia2830d ago

I think he was trying to flame GT5 with that comment actually, even though it could be easily argued GT5 has way more than 100 hours...

USEYOURFIST2830d ago (Edited 2830d ago )

@ELEMENT AND BRADEH, that no excuse for the amount of bugs fallout has specifically on the ps3 version i played

clintos592830d ago

Fallout 3 was a very huge world & I can understand why a game like fallout 3 would have loading times, freezes etc. etc. It had to be one of the biggest worlds ive ever played & in all honesty even with the freezes & load times, the game was so good that it didnt even bother me. I loved fallout 3 & I know ill love fallout new vegas but I can see where cyrus is coming from. Heck even though I havent even played fallout new vegas and plan on grabbing my copy in the morning, I already knew there would be bugs in this game but like I said, it wont stop me from buying such great game.

Corrwin2830d ago

Looks like I'll be waiting for the GOTY/complete edition with all the DLC and bugfixes for half the price you'd pay now.