TQcast: Fallout New Vegas Review

TQcast writes: Fallout 3 was a defining game for the series. Taking the franchise from the isometric view that some of us grew to love in the first iterations, to a full on (in the style of Elder Scrolls) FPSish game. The majority of us loved it – hell, there’s still people working on mods in the Fallout 3 PC scene. Will Fallout: New Vegas inspire that same fire in it’s fans? Or will it be viewed as an overpriced “expansion pack”?

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clintos592834d ago

I want to drive out for the midnight launch and grab a copy but its like 45 minute drive to gamestop & i dont wanna get there & its all sold out.

gfunkera102834d ago

10am cannot come soon enough. I need this game more than a hooker needs a pimp.