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The gameplay and style's going to be familiar for those that play Fallout 3, which can be a good and bad thing. Those looking for a huge improvement over Fallout 3 will be disappointed, but fans of the series will enjoy going back into the world again with a huge amount of space to explore. Combat outside of VATS still isn't fun for me, but the gameplay and user interface improvements are nicely done. Bugs, bugs, and more bugs can bring the game to a halt.

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UnSelf2856d ago

i dont get where these excessive bug claims stem from. i can count on one hand how many bugs i prolly ran into in F3 and i put over 50 hrs in that game

lashes2ashes2856d ago

i put over 100 hours into the 360 version and got the platinum trophy on ps3 and i had both versions crash on me over twenty times. plus i cant count the number of times i encountered graphical glitches like stuff falling through the floor or characters getting stuck in walls.

UnSelf2856d ago

i only fell through some rocks like once or twice. nuttin any other game hasnt done to me

frankymv2856d ago

hmmm.....not the masterpiece that fallout 3 was.

clank5432856d ago

yeah. I think for fallout 3 the bugs and glitches were just accepted and people saw the light at the end of the tunnel with the phenomenal gameplay and vast amount of content. However, two-three years later with little to no improvement is very dissapointing. It doesn't really matter how good the game is when you can barely even play it.

SlickShoes2856d ago

How on earth can it get B/A+ ? surely its B/A-