Surviving the Mojave Wasteland in Fallout: New Vegas (Hardcore Mode)

One of the additions in Fallout: New Vegas that Fallout 3 never had is the ability to play in hardcore mode. Playing in Hardcore mode will provide challenges to play.

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SanMarco2828d ago

THis article is for you DRUDOG.

CrzyFooL2828d ago

Im all about hardcore mode.

MightyMark4272828d ago

The hardcore mode is a nice addition to the game. Challenging yet fun

dreamtheater872828d ago

I played Fallout 3 with a hardcore survival mod, similar to this. Gotta tell you, it completely changes the experience in a good way. Do yourself a favor and choose Hardcore mode when you start up New Vegas.

shammgod2827d ago

I am going hardcore like a porn star