IGN: PAX 07 de Blob Hands-On

At PAX 07, THQ showed off the quirky Nintendo Wii action-puzzler de Blob, which attracted scores of curious gamers determined to find if this indeed deserved its comparisons to Namco's Katamari series. After going hands-on with the demo, you can see how Katamari might have fluttered through some point in the project's infancy, but this is definitely its own game.

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MK_Red3947d ago

They say Wii is the console of innovation but only casual games or mini-game selections or sequels get love and attention while real innovative games like Elebits and this de Blob are rather ignored by most.
The game looks kool and promising and while not much is new in the preview, it still shows how cool the game could end up.

ngg123453947d ago

It feels weird seeing most of the indie games I see around at IGF getting publishing rights. Games like everyday shooter, de blob, and flow all left an impression on how this is the type of games that will revoloutinize video game market. Not the high budget games, but games like braid, cloud, and narbacular drop (they are working for valve now, making a game called portal)