Fallout: New Vegas Infinite Bottle Caps Money Glitch Trick

One of the most well known glitch in Fallout 3 was the ability to obtain mostly an infinite amount of bottle caps from a vendor in towns. In New Vegas, the glitch is back!

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big_silky2774d ago

took the words right out of my mouth. i'll wait for patches before i pick this up.

RockmanII72774d ago

by patches do you mean multiplatform release for the dlc?

bakasora2774d ago

Why is their game engine so glitchy

ShadyDevil2774d ago

Woot glitches for the win. Might be patched soon one would think

TheHater2774d ago

Don't expect any fix for this game anything soon. They are too busy with their DLC for this game.

cmacdonald2774d ago

Well the DLC probably comes out on saturday ;p so a patch might come early Nov.

Lekumkee2774d ago

Wait, are you telling me that a Fallout game has glitches?!? GTFO!! NO WAY!!!! Who would've thunk it...

clintos592774d ago

Aint gonna spend 60 bux just to ruin a great game for me. Tell me this after i beat it a few times. =]

GoldPS32774d ago

LOL I know what you mean. I'll be playing Naruto anyway. Fallout isn't my cup of tea.

djfullshred2774d ago

If Bethesda addresses this as urgently as they did with issues with FO3, it might be a looooooooong wait for patches. And I think they only patched that game once, leaving most of the issues unresolved.

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