Head2Head: Fallout New Vegas Vs Fallout 3 Comparison Video

With the release of Fallout New Vegas today, take a brief moment and watch the head2head comparison video of Fallout New Vegas & Fallout 3.

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ShadyDevil2896d ago

I would say they look about the same.

i_like_ff72895d ago

For the scale and quality i'll sure pay $60 for this "expansion pack"

EliteAssass1n2895d ago

i'm okay with paying $60 for an expansion pack. Especially one that gives you 100+ hours of enjoyment. Unlike those other DLC that offer you 2 hours for $10.

jony_dols2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Look at what Epic & Bioware have done with UE3, every new game they bring out on it, the more they squeeze out of the aging engine. Just look at the difference between GOW & GOW3...

Obsidian have not updated Betsheda's game engine whatsoever, if anything (from early reports coming in) this game is more broken than Fallout 3.

kaveti66162895d ago

I will never give credit to Obsidian for making this game. They just took all the existing assets of Fallout 3 and made the same game with a different story.

I've seen modders do more with Fallout 3 than Obsidian has done. This game might be great on its own. I'm not saying anything against it, but the developer who made it are not deserving of any credit. They did the same thing with Kotor 2.

divideby02895d ago

I would call this a Great Mod on the PC

Ecksbawks2895d ago

both look better on 360. I win either way