PS3 Poll Police: Are PS3 Titles Overshadowing One Another?

Since Warhawk is coming out first, some may pass it by since they plan to purchase the latter two anyway and can't stomach the investment for two or all three. Some might pass on Lair because they're still playing Warhawk, but will pick up Heavenly Sword since it comes out a bit later. Even still, Heavenly Sword may get ignored because it comes out last in the trilogy of releases. Some people might not want to buy it, as they're still enjoying the other two. This is all assuming more than one of these games interests you, but if not, just think abstractly about which of these titles is most likely to get overshadowed.

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MK_Red4125d ago

Well, I think Lair is kinda being overshadowed by two other. Heavenly Sword and Nariko already have diehard fans and some good reviews while Warhawk has beta fans and an 8 from Edge but most people are saying that they've lost interest in Lair because of some bad reviews and such. Personally, I want all 3 and believe all of them are worth more than 8/10.

ALI-G4125d ago

becuse evey ps3 game been relase set the bar for been overhybe and new bar for been crap
HS=6H+ DMC/GOW rip off+no-online

Panthers4125d ago

Lair was my first choice, but since Warhawk is online and I am sick of R6V (and GRAW 2 sucks) I will be going for Warhawk 1st day and probably Lair too. Im not into HS, but it does look great.

hazeblaze4125d ago

I'm buying all 3, as each of them are among my most anticipated games. But I think Warhawk will be among the most overlooked, simply because it is limited by the percentage of the ps3 fanbase that play online.

However, for those of us that play online, I think Warhawk is the single most anticipated game this fall (after playing the beta, it's definitely mine)!

DrWan4125d ago

The problem with this line up is that they should have put out Warhawk last, because warhawk is an online game. People can play it and not get bored for a LONG LONG time.

It should be Lair, Heavenly Sword, then Warhawk.

MK_Red4125d ago

Good point. And while there have been only one PS3 exclusive in more than 3 months, now in 1 month, PS3 is getting 3 exclusives! This could hurt the sales of all 3 of Lair, Heavenly Sword and Warhawk.

Like a shadow I am4125d ago

Lair and Heavenly Sword got delayed, remember?

DrWan4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

But..whatever, in the end it doesn't really matter. Alot of people are not shy to go back to older games anyways right? I see God of War I and II still topping PS2 charts haha.

Of course, timely line up only hurts crappy games (most of the time). I am a bit worry for Factor 5's Lair. They seem to worked so hard on that damn game, i hope they get enough sales to make another one. I think the concept is pretty cool. It would be shame if it turns out muddy, still remember like 2 E3s ago when i saw the first CG trailer or Rohn flying in the sky into another dragon, killed the driver and then aerial fly back to his own dragon. Pretty memorable moment.

MK_Red4125d ago

Agreed on Lair. I love the game and it's from the great Factor 5. I'm definitly buying it but it would be a shame if the game doesn't sale because of other 2 and some bad and stupid reviews.

mikeslemonade4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Im getting all three and I don't believe that one game will lose a lot of sales just because there's 3 hyped up games coming out within 2 weeks because PS3 fans haven't really bought that many games in bunches yet. The normal PS3 fan bought Resistance at launch, 2 months later got Motorstorm, then one month later Oblivion, then nothing until the summer they bought Ninja Gaiden in July and then Madden in August. Most people are basically done with all those games with the exception of Madden which came out 2 weeks ago. The Madden player is going to pick up Warhawk. And then people who liked Ninja Gaiden are going to pick up Lair and Heavenly Sword.

SonyFANBOY4125d ago

I'm going to pick up all 3 games for my Playstation 3. All 3 games going to sell well during release date and during christmas time.

I can't wait for SFHD and RE5, DMC4.

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