Five Delayed Titles Worth Waiting For

Joe Garcia writes "Gamers argue every aspect of the industry tirelessly, whether it’s about their favorite consoles or controversial content in the latest Medal of Honor. In the end, though, we all love sitting down and playing games. Yet there lurks an enemy that strikes fear into the hearts of any gamer — the delay."

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xAlmostPro2893d ago

3 titles on the list are already out..

AwesomeJizz2893d ago

Are you stupid? They were delayed that's why they're on this list..

Dawn_Of_Ashes2893d ago

Only delay the game for 10 years and you will get an overhyped game.

I saw some preview of the game and it look verry normal. Nothing to be excited for. Yeah i know its a duke nukem game but its not because its a duke nukem or call of duty it a mandatary 11/10 score.

Rich16312893d ago

Alan Wake did nothing for me. Boring, cliched, and repetitive as hell.

GigaGaia2893d ago

Duke Nukem Forever isn't worth this wait, In fact, from screenshots and videos, I think the game looks about 1 or 2 years old.

Aggesan2893d ago

How would you know, you were still wearing dipers when the first one was released.

HOSe2893d ago

it looks amazing actually

Matthew942893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

This list is missing a very important one, Team Fortress 2. It was delayed for ages and when it came out it was and still is fantastic

tacosRcool2893d ago

Yea as the original TF2 was supposed be using a different engine with a whole different everything compared to the new TF2

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