TLR: Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 Video Review

KJ of TLR Writes "At last a true sequel to the early 90's Sonic has arrived. The Hedgehog is back in his fourth adventure. Now that the blue blur is going back to basics, can he rekindle his former glory?"

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8-bit2899d ago

I agree that it should be released as one complete game instead of episodes but I liked it a lot. It was really fun and had the winning formula that the first 3 had. If I was to rate it myself I would have given it the same score but represented it as 7/10 instead. Same score but the number 3.5 just seems low to me when I am happy with the game outside of the episode thing. I am also wondering how long I will have to wait till the rest of the damn game releases.